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Semolina Bread with Apricots and Sage from Amy's Bread

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Semolina Bread with Apricots and Sage from Amy's Bread


I was looking a library book this past long weekend - Amy's Bread - and this one piqued my interest. We've had some drizzle and it looks like we're going to have a wet week ahead here in the Pacific Northwest - I thought it might be nice to bake a little sunshine.

This recipe actually made three loaves. I took pictures of two of the three baked loaves; I think the last one turned out the nicest as I got some foil on top before it browned too much. The dough has a nice yellow color from the durum flour. The boules are misted then rolled in medium-grind yellow cornmeal before shaping. Love all that yellowness, and the apricots that taste like sunshine to me... I'm also thinking of Daisy_A's Sourdough Wholemeal Lemon Bread and wondering how this dough might be with lemon zest and other fruits and/or herbs.

I am learning so much reading other people's posts on this site and am grateful to all of the writers and the website manager who contribute so much.  Regards, breadsong




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Hi breadsong,

what a fantastic combination of flavours.   We all need more sunshine in our lives!

Best wishes


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That is really beautiful, and it sounds delicious.  Nicely done!

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What a fun loaf to shape and eat and you have done it beautifully.  My copy of Amy's bread just arrived the other day and the bread recipes are refreshing.


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Your bread looks lovely--I've got that on my (insanely long) to do list.  I have made two of the other semolina breads from that book and we have loved both of them--also the whole grain dinner rolls which I've made several times with differenct combos of seeds, etc and also loved.  And the blueberry banana bread in the "Sweeter Side of Amy's Bread" is a wonderful recipe too.

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Hello, I'd flagged the "Fragrant Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls" in Amy's Bread as one to try. I'll put wheat berries on the shopping list and give it a go! 
Regards, breadsong

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Thank you everyone for writing and for your kind words! This was a really fun one to make, and I was thrilled with the result - and glad you liked it too. I am so happy to find yet another wonderful bread book & discover a new technique for shaping!!! And the bread tasted absolutely wonderful too (although I used about 1/3 of the sage by weight as called for in the recipe - I was using fresh sage leaves and thought the flavor would be too strong using the total weight listed - in the finished bread, I can taste sage but it's not overpowering).  
Regards, breadsong

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I think this is a very interesting combination of flavors, and I absolutely love the way your loaf turned out.

Very well done

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Hello, thanks & I was happy with the shaping method too. This was a fun one to try.  I'm wondering if I can turn this bread into a sunflower, using a sunflower seed bread dough, and applying sunflower seeds to the center before baking. Another good rainy day project perhaps.  Regards, breadsong