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oatmeal instead of cornmeal or bran for NYT method?

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oatmeal instead of cornmeal or bran for NYT method?

Good morning everyone.

I have my loaf of NYT method bread in the oven using bran. I have used cornmeal and in a pinch polenta.

I made a double batch of dough and am considering using oatmeal for the next loaf...

Has anyone here used anything else,)

I have pictures to post or pizza from a few nights ago, Floyd's recipe which is my all time favorite. I will try and get that done sometime today.

Be well everyone

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Hello Larry,

 and thank you for the response.

I live at sea level, so I cannot helpwith the high altitude conversions, but I will try flour next time, thanks for the tip.

It appears thaperhaps youandI are the only ones still experimenting with this method.

 Welcome and be well. 


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I actually mix a double batch, and keep it in the fridge overnight ( I live in the tropics). I then pat it down. fold it, cover it with oiled plastic wrap and let it come to room temp.

I then remove it from the oiled bowls using a messy cloths to deal with.  I put the cornmeal or bran directly into the scrotching hot enamel pan just before "pouring" the bread dough in. I then sprinkle more cornmeal or bran on the top.

I use a 4 qt enamel pot,if my memory serves me well and I double up the batch. It produces a much higher loaf, better for sandwiches.  After doubling the batch, I will never go back to single batches again.

I will do a flour and oatmeal tester next time and let you know how it works out.

I also LOVE the crust on this bread. That type of crust does not exist here, so I am very happy with the results. 

 Good luck with your future experiments...