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Sun-Dried Tomato and Asiago Cheese Sourdough

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Sun-Dried Tomato and Asiago Cheese Sourdough

Hello, This is from Eric Kastel's "Artisan Breads at Home". I baked this bread and froze it, and we tasted it tonight with dinner. YUM. With many thanks to the author!!! I tried slashing the bread in a starburst, as I saw someone else do quite beautifully on this site. I wish I could remember who that was, so I could go back and take a look at their handiwork and pay them a compliment here - I will keep trying until I can make mine look as nice!

For 48 ounces of dough, there were 6.6 ounces drained, chopped sun-dried tomatoes and 3.2 ounces cubed asiago cheese, tossed with 1.3 ounces whole wheat flour, kneaded in by hand after the final mix.

I am so pleased with how tasty this loaf is, and how pretty the crumb is, marbled with tomato.

Regards, breadsong


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Awesome looking loaf!!! I've always wanted to add sundried tomatoes to my artisan breads... and the additions of cheese really make your loaf look perfect!

Happy baking!


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I was in Asiago last summer and did a post about the Veneto region.  Had great pasta dishes with Asiago cheese. But I have to admit I didn't see anything like this.  Looks great!!! 




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and delicious sounding!  I love sun dried tomatoes and use them in everything, love the italian cheeses too.  Beautiful, colorful crumb.


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Gorgeous bread...any chance on the recipe? I know it's a bit of an effort but we'd all appreciate it greatly, I think. Cheers!

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That looks so delicious. You could improvise so many ingredients with that..olives, walnuts, roasted garlic cloves. That's a really nice loaf.

I think the slashing your are speaking of was on Floyd's Pain de Provence. Look on the left side under Favorite Recipes.


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Hello, Thanks to you all for your nice comments!!! It is great to get feedback from fellow bakers! I want to thank Betty for pointing me to the Pain de Provence. That sure is a perfect scoring job (and a delicious-sounding loaf) and something I will aim for. The other really good scoring job I had been thinking of was benjamin's Vermont Sourdough - I was able to find it again on this site. As you can see, my scoring job didn't come close to either of these...

I will post again with more info re: the recipe. This loaf tasted really good and I can't help but think any white/whole wheat dough, sour or not, would taste good with the tomato and cheese additions! I used sun-dried tomatoes which were packed in oil, which I drained before chopping; they were nice and soft (and flavorful!) and didn't require any pre-soaking like dried ones would.

There are lots more fantastic looking breads in Eric Kastel's book (full title: Artisan Breads At Home with the Culinary Institute of case any of you want to search it out)...can't wait until I'm able to try the next one! 

Happy baking everyone! Regards, breadsong