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This week's breads...

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This week's breads...


This week I made some 100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Nut & Seed Torpedoes with walnuts, hazelnuts, flax, sesame & pumpkin seeds:

and Some Sourdough Whole Wheat bagels

I don't think I'd ever like the taste of non-sourdough bagels anymore!!! :)


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I'd love to hear how you made these beauties!

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The recipe was sort of adopted from The Walnut pain ou lavain from "Bread Alone".

I don't exactly remember.... as I like to just throw everything together and see what it turn out to be...

But I took... 1 1/2 cup wet starter

Added 1c water to it.

Mixed it up so it was a nice slurry. :)

Added a cup of WW flour and stirred it up.

Then roasted some nuts... Hazel & Walnuts.. and crushed them up about pea size... kept some whole...

And also roasted some flax, sesame, and pumpkin seeds.

All together about 1 1/2+ cups of seeds & nuts

Added all this to the dough...

Then I added more WW flour (I think a couple or more cups of flour, don't remeber) until it was firm and kneeded about 10-12 minutes until I could do the windowpane test... It was hard to get it good with all those seeds in the dough.

Let it rise for 4-5 hours... Then I shaped these into torpedoes... sort of following directions in Floyd 's video.

and let them rest again for 3hrs.. and baked them....

Though I think, i shouldn't have put both Walnuts and Hazelnuts together, as the Walnuts hide the taste of other nuts.

The Bagels are from the sourdough bagels recipe from "Crust & Crumb." though I used a cup of White Bread flour & the rest was WW.

 They were really good.