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Chipotle Sourdough!

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Chipotle Sourdough!


I picked up the CIA book "Artisan Breads at Home" by Eric Kastel from the library and was delighted to find a recipe for Chipotle Sourdough, using pureed chipotle chiles in adobo as an add-in.

For 48 ounces of dough, the recipe calls for 2.6 ounces of pureed chipotles combined with 1.3 ounces whole wheat flour as the add-in; I kneaded this in by hand at the end of mixing.

This bread is spicy and so, so tasty. I think it will be perfect to serve with an al fresco Mexican dinner and Margaritas!

The author advises the reader to "use it to create your most memorable grilled cheese sandwich" - a great idea I can't wait to try.

It's too bad the crumb shot doesn't show any pieces of chipotle chile - but they're in there, trust me!













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I created my starter back in December and have been baking just a plain old white bread with it with just a few variations - good bread flavor but boring after a while.  I love spicey foods and breads in particular.  Thanks for sharing your bread story - it will serve as inspiration to me to bake some Chipotle Sourdough of my own ... 


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Thanks Ben. I hope you enjoy this bread. That was the great thing about finding Eric Kastel's book - discovering something I would have never thought have doing on my own. Regards, breadsong

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I was going to make some cheese bread soon. Now I'm thinking of adding both cheese and chipotles together! Thanks for sharing!


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Hi mason, You're welcome! I flipped a few pages ahead in my library book and I see a recipe for Jalapeno and Cheddar Sourdough.
This one might interest you & the other posters above, so here goes:
for 52 ounces of dough, add in 3.6 ounces canned diced jalapenos (drained) combined with 10.5 ounces cubed cheddar and 1 ounce whole wheat flour.

Enjoy your spicy bread everyone!
Regards, breadsong