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Just thought I'd share this since we often only talk about our successes.  I baked this bread last week, and froze the extra loaves. Last night we defrosted this loaf for dinner--I was admiring the nice crumb, and then a few slices in:



Whoops! I guess I slacked off a little on the shaping. Still tastes good though.....

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Hey - that's just a _big_ artisan hole!



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crumb bum


Thats some cavern.  I was wondering if you hold it to your ear if you can hear the ocean like a sea shell?  Just kidding.  By the way does how does the freezing thing work out?  I always seem to bake more than I can eat in a week.

 Da Crumb Bum

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Did you bake that in a cloche or other vessel, or is it just a boule? Gorgeous height, if the latter.

Thanks for posting a failure, even if that word overstates things a bit.


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I proofed it in a lined long basket. It's pretty small, just about one pound unbaked.  It didn't proof very large due to my kitchen being cold and me being lazy--but it did have nice oven spring.


As far as freezing goes, it works for us--especially these little loaves and ciabatta, etc. They thaw quickly and you eat them quickly so they don't loose too much quality. We also eat toast a lot in our house :)


And NO, I didn't hold it to my ear! Hee hee.

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Breadnerd - very funny! I've certainly had worse! Looks like a great loaf nevertheless. Is that a Columbia?


Great idea to show some "failures" too...It's good not to take ourselves too seriously. Here is my first SD failure - the young starter obviously was not "active" yet. They would have made great curling stones! I don't know why I even bothered putting them in the oven, I could tell there was no rise, I guess I was optimistically hoping for oven spring...It went right in the compost, but some animal in the woods around here must have found it palatable, because when I was out walking my dogs, I found a gnawed loaf dragged way off in the woods! :-)