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Sesame Twisted Rings - revisited

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Sesame Twisted Rings - revisited

Twisted Bread Rings

The first time that I made these twisted bread rings, we were sorry they were so large. It made it difficult to cook them on the barbecue because two trays were required. So this time, I made smaller rings and fit them all onto one tray.

I love these making these rings. They’re SO easy to shape!

I used sesame seeds for half the rings and kalonji (nigella seeds) for the other half. And we love the smaller rings!! But we can’t decide which seed covering we like better. What do you think? Here’s the recipe:



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these are beautiful rings that look very similar to bagels. i love the small size. i like the looks of both seeds. is nigella seed similar to poppy seed?


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Nigella seed has a faint onion flavour. It also called "wild onion seed". We buy ours in India Town where it is labelled "Kalonji".

The rings do look like bagels, Claudia. But because they are not par-boiled, they don't at all have the same texture. And the small size is great. They were really delicious with creamy goat's cheese and honey....


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they look delicious

You made them on the BBQ? How did that work out? I never tried to make any kind of bread on the BBQ.

I love Nigella seeds. Btw Nigella seeds have tremendous health benefits and they do taste divine:)

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Yes, we baked the rings in the barbecue. It's great because we don't have to turn on the oven when it's hot outside. They take virtually no time to bake. Here is an excerpt from our twisted bread rings recipe:

  1. Baking If you are using the barbecue:
    Preheat the barbecue to high. Place the tray over direct heat, close the lid of the barbecue and bake for about 3 minutes, turning the tray once to account for uneven heat in the barbecue. Then move the tray over to cook with indirect heat – lid down again – until they’re done – about another 5 or so minutes… (our gas barbecue can be turned off on one side).
    If you are using the oven: Preheat oven to 400F.
  2. Place the bread trays on the upper shelf (to prevent burning on bottoms). Immediately turn the oven down to 375F and bake for 10 – 15 minutes til golden on top and hollow sounding on bottom.
  3. Remove rings from oven and allow to cool on a well ventilated rack. Wait til they are cool before opening them. They are still continuing to bake inside!

One thing that we found we had to do was to use an egg lifter to flip the rings over. The honey in the dough makes them want to get a little too dark on the bottom before they're cooked through.

You can use this method to bake foccacia and hamburger buns in the BBQ as well. I've never tried baking loaves of bread in the BBQ but have seen others' photos showing that it's entirely possible.

We also bake naan and pita in the BBQ, placing the shaped bread directly on the grill. Pita and naan take NO time to bake.

I just recently learned that Nigella is supposed to be good for us. I had no idea. We just like the taste!


(our pita recipe; our naan recipe)