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Mixed seed topping

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Mixed seed topping

I've fallen in love with the seed mix DonD used in his  Pain aux Cereales. blog here  The millet really stays really crunchy.  For a twist, I added a bit of caraway too.  I recommend it highly.

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I regularly make Pita Bread with seed topping. Really makes a nice addtion.

I use a mix of sesame seeds, golden flax seeds, and sunflower seeds. Brush the loaf with water using a pastry brush and spinkle on the seeds just before popping into the oven.

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What beautiful loaves! I often use sesame seeds, flax seeds, or pumpkin seeds as a topping but hadn't thought to combine them. I really like the idea of using millet on top as well.


Oatmeal works really well too.

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Is there a rule of thumb for what toppings work best at various oven temps and various baking times.  I'd like to put some oatmeal on top of my loaf but it bakes for 50-60 min at 350 and I'm afraid it will burn.  I've had burnt seeds a few times also.