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Two Castle Rye From AB&P - or is it?

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Two Castle Rye From AB&P - or is it?

This was the bread that confused me last week. The original formula in "Advanced Bread and Pastry" just seemed to have too much yeast (in addition to a whole lot of rye levain), and too long of a bulk rise and proof. Having faith in the book, stuck to the formula for the first try, massive failure. Overrisen and overproofed even after I cut the proof time in half, and drop the temperature by 10 degrees. Not one to give up easily, tried again with much less yeast (1/10 of original amount), nice results, even though I am not entirely sure ths is how the original formula intends to be.


There isn't a picture of the final product in the book, took a bit of google skills to find someone's flicker account, in which there are some photos of him taking the SFBI whole grain workshop. In two pictures, there's a glimp of this bread, they are covered by seeds and oatmeal flakes, which the book didn't mention, so here's my version of this bread.

- levain

medium rye, 85g

water, 68g

rye starter (100% hydration, no idea what hydration the original formula asks for), 10.5g


1. mix and fermentate at room temp for 12 hours.


- soaker

coarse whole wheat flour, 25g

oat flakes, 25g

sunflower seeds, 25g

pumpkin seeds, 50g

water, 121g


2. mix and soak at room temp for at least 2 hours


- main dough


bread flour, 127g

high extraction flour, 127g (I used Golden Buffalo)

medium rye, 64g

water, 165g (this is more than what's in the origainl formula, I find the dough way too dry otherwise)

salt, 11g

instant yeast, 1/8tsp (the formula calls for 1/8oz ==3.5g, 1/8tsp is about 0.38g)

honey, 7g

all soaker

all levain


3. mix everything togethe except for salt, yeast, and soaker, autolyse for 20 minutes. Add salt and yeast, mix until medium development, knead in soaker. At this point, the dough became MUCH looser and wetter. S&F came to the rescue!

4. bulk rise for 1.5 hours at about 73F, S&F at 20, 40, 60 minute.

5. divide, round, rest for 20 minutes.

6. shape into boules or batards, and place close to each other so they can proof into each other. Proof for 50 minutes. spray water, and put seeds and oat flakes on top. No need to slash.

7. bake at 450F for 35 minutes, the first 10 with steam. I covered the top for the last 15 minutes so the seeds and flakes don't get burnt.



The surface is crunch and frgrant with seeds; crumb is soft and moist from the soaker; seeds add great crunch; rye(~37%), ww, high extraction flour mingle together and create a very nice earthy flavor. A delicious and hearty bread, worth all the trial and error.






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Looks like your perseverance paid off with some beautiful bread.


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I am actually loving this bread a lot - more so after a day or two of resting. The flavor of the grains and seeds really melt into each other perfectly.

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oh Txfarmer! You are such a talented Homebaker! Lovely breads, i wish iam around to sample some of your breads.

Were they sour?


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Maybe it's my starter, which is very active but not that sour, but this bread has a relatively short fermentation/proofing time, after a day of resting, the taste is more sweet than sour.

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When I have had questions about the content in AB&P I got in touch with the very helpful people at SFBI (the school founded by Suas)- they said that questions about the book can be sent directly to them at:

their answer regarding the formula:

The amount of yeast is correct.  It is supposed to be 1.2%, but the fermentation time is incorrect. 

The first fermentation should only be about 30 minutes, not 1 hour 30 minutes. 


Rest about 15-20 minutes


Final proof should be about 1 hour

Bake for 30-35 minutes at 450 F.  

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That explains a lot! Thank you so much for checking! I noted down the email address, will come in handy in the future.



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Mini Oven

recipe!  I love the pics too!  The close up is like coming 'round a mountain of bread to see giant plump roasted pumpkin seeds.  I feel like a kid again peeking over the counter top.

Beautiful Crumb!  I love pumpkin seeds.


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It' tastes even better after a day or two of rest.