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Booklist for Bakery Students

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Booklist for Bakery Students

Hi Again!

Very quickly following on from my last post "Whitsuntide Breads and Other Antics", this is a quick post listing the books that I recommend for my bakery students to source to aid their programme of study.

Hansjoakim asked me about this, after I posted information about a Student Bread Competition.   There are just short of 50 books on the list.   The one I most want is one Hans referenced sometime ago by Claus Schunemann.   I've tried to get it through Amazon UK, and finally received an e-mail today.   Original price for the book is just over £55.   I would pay that!   However, a secondhand version is about £90 + P&P, and a new version is over £125 + P&P!!!!

The College Library service is top class.   Next year's books are ordered already.   These will now come mainly as e-books.   Most of the books I'm ordering now are scientific and technical and go over the magic £100 mark.   That's the point where alarm bells start sounding in our "cash-strapped" world of UK 2010!   Books shown below with double * are in our library.   Others are noted as on order in some shape or form.

Of course, blogging on TFL partly shows my keen enthusiasm for all matters electronic too.   And this is very highly valued by the College....To the extent that, as Lecturers, our use of ILT is monitored and built in to performance management.   Every course  which runs in College has a "Blackboard" site.   This is a means of inter-active learning for students, and the sites I have created for the bakery course I run are my pride and joy.   I won 2nd prize last year as ILT Practitioner of the Year.   The site content allows students to access any learner materials night and day, either in College, or anywhere else, given access to a pc and the internet.   Materials include a host of photgraphs from all the practical classes, plus demonstration videos.   Some of these are available on my TFL blog, as you may have already seen.   All course details and documents are posted, and folders full of my recipes.   The front page is an "Announcements" area, enabling me to provide rapid and immediate news for students [eg the news of the Apprenticeship Baker post which came up the day before yesterday].   There is also a place for "External Links".   I have quite a range in here; top of the pile is immediate access to....THE FRESH LOAF, of course!

In the syllabus area, there are loads of documents for students to use to complete the course.   Also in here, is this list shown below.   Well, my studies at University in the early 1980s involved use of microfiche to access books in the library,; no computers whatsoever!   I didn't even know how to word process until early 2004!   Some folks think mobile phones are where it's at, and others go more for media such as television.   I've long been convinced that the most powerful player is the pc, and, particularly the internet.   Anybody disagree about that?

So if I've missed anything off please let me know.   As you can see, there is a big "hats off" to the great US Artisan Bakers; my personal big inspiration in the book world of the last 5-10 years.   A quick count up suggests I own about 20 of the books shown in my personal baking library.



Recommended Texts

I will add to this list from time to time:

**Amendola, J., Rees, N. (2003) Understanding Baking: The Art and the Science of Baking. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

Banfield, W.T. (1947) Manna: A Comprehensive Treatise on Bread Manufacture. London: Maclaren & Sons

**Barenbaum, R.L. (2003) The Bread Bible. New York & London: Norton

**Bertinet, R. (2007) Crust: Bread to Get Your Teeth Into. London: Kyle Cathie

**Bertinet, R. (2008; paperback, with dvd) Dough: Simple Contemporary Bread. London: Kyle Cathie

** [7 copies]Brown, J. et. al. [Eds] (1996) The Master Bakers' Book of Bread Making. Hertfordshire: NAMB

**Calvel, R., MacGuire, J., Wirtz, R. (2001) The Taste of Bread. Gaithersburg, Md.L: Aspen

Cauvain, S. P. [ed] (2003) Bread Making: Improving Quality Cambridge: Woodhead [on order as an e-book]

Cauvain, S. P., Young, L. S. (2006) The Chorleywood Bread Process. Cambridge: Woodhead

**Cauvain, S. P., Young, L. S. (2007) The Technology of Breadmaking. 2nd Edition. New York: Springer - Verlag

**Cauvain, S. P., Young, L. S. (2009) More Baking Problems Solved. Cambridge: Woodhead

Collister, L., Blake, A. (1993) The Bread Book London: Conran Octopus

** [multiple copies]Connelly, P., Pittam, M. (1997) Practical Bakery. London: Hodder & Stoughton

**David, E. (1979) English Bread and Yeast Cookery. London: Penguin

**DiMuzio, D. T. (2009) Bread Baking: An Artisan's Perspective. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

**Edwards, W. P. (2007) The Science of Bakery Products London: Royal Society of Chemistry

**Figoni, P. (2008) How Baking Works: Exploring the Fundamentals of Baking Science 2nd Edition. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

**Friberg, B. (2002) The Professional Pastry Chef: Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry.  4th Edition. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

**Friberg, B. (2003) The Advanced Professional Pastry Chef: Advanced Baking and Pastry Techniques. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

**Gisslen, W. (2008) Professional Baking. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

**Glezer, M. (2000) Artisan Baking Across America. New York, Artisan

**Hamelman, J. (2004) Bread: A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons Inc

**Hanneman, L.J. (1991) Bakery: Flour Confectionery. 2nd Edition. Oxford: Butterworth - Heinemann

**Hanneman, L.J. (1992) Bakery: Bread and Fermented Goods. 2nd Edition. Oxford: Butterworth - Heinemann

** [multiple copies]Hanneman, L.J. (1993) Patisserie 2nd Edition. Oxford: Butterworth - Heinemann

Hui, Y. H. et. al. [Eds] (2006) Bakery Products: Science and Technology New York/London: Wiley-Blackwell [on order as an e-book]

Kaplan, S. L. (2006) Good Bread Is Back: A Contemporary History Of French Bread, The Way It Is Made, And the People Who Make It. Durham and London: Duke

Kirkland, J. (1927) The Modern Baker, Confectioner and Caterer. London: Gresham

**Labensky, S., Martel, P., van Damme, E (2009) On Baking: A Textbook of Baking and Pastry Fundamentals.  New Jersey: Pearson, Prentice Hall

**Leader, D., Blahnik, J. (1993) Bread Alone: Bold Fresh Loaves From Your Own Hands. New York: Morrow

**Leader, D., Chattman, L. (2007) Local Breads: Sour Doughs and Whole Grain Recipes From Europe's Best Artisan Bakers. New York: Norton

**Lepard, D. (2004) The Handmade Loaf. London: Mitchell Beazley

**Lepard, D., Whittington, R. (2010) Baking with Passion: Baker and Spice. London: Quadrille

**Ortiz, J. (1993) The Village Baker. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press

**Reinhart, P. (2001) The Bread Baker's Apprentice. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press

**Reinhart, P. (2006; paperback) Crust and Crumb: Master Formulas for Serious Bread Bakers. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press

**Reinhart, P. (2007) Whole Grain Breads. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press

**Reinhart, P. (2009) Artisan Breads Everyday: Fast and Easy Recipes for World-Class Breads. Berkeley, California: Ten Speed Press

**Rinsky, G., Rinsky, L. H. (2008) The Pastry Chef's Companion: a Comprehensive Resource  Guide for the Baking and Pastry Professional. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons

**Roux, M., Roux, A. (1993) The Roux Brothers on Patisserie. London: Little, Brown

**Shulman, M-R. (1990) Bread Book. London: Macmillan

Stevens, D. (2009) Bread: River Cottage Handbook No. 3. London: Bloomsbury

**Suas, M. (2008) Advanced Bread and Pastry USA: Delmar Cengage Learning

**Treuille, E., Ferrigno, U., O'Leary, I. (1998) Bread. London: Dorling Kindersley

**Whitley, A. (2006) Breadmatters: the state of modern bread and a definitive guide to baking your own. London: Fourth Estate

**Wing, D., Scott, A. (1999) The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens. Vermont: Chelsea Green.




Baking: The Art and Science (Hardcover)   by Claus Schunemann (Author)


Other texts of interest to be found in the College Library:




Cordon Bleu

"Baking 1" and "Baking 2"   1971

London; Macdonald and Jane's

Daniel A. R.

"The Bakers' Dictionary" 2nd edition, 1971

"Bakery Materials and Methods" 4th edition 1963

"Bakery Questions Answered" 1972

"Up-to-date Confectionery" 1978


Essex; Elsevier Applied Science

Richemont Craft School

"Perfect Bakery and Confectionery" 1989

"Swiss Bakery" 1988

"Swiss Confiseur" 1987

"Swiss Confectionery" 1985


Lucerne; Richemont

Barrows, A. E.

"Bakery Specialities" 1984

Essex; Elsevier Applied Science

Shulman, M. R.

"The Bread Book" 1990

London; Macmillan

Schumacher, M.

"Complete Book of Baking" 1993

London; Tiger

Culinary Institute of America

"Baking and Pastry - Mastering the Art and Craft" 2004

New Jersey; John Wiley

Bachman, W.

"Swiss Bakery and Confectionery" 1949

London; Maclaren

Boyle, T. and Moriarty, T.

"Grand Finales - Art of Plated Desserts" 1997

"Modernist View [Grand Finales] 1997


New York, John Wiley

Fance, W. J. [ed]

"New International Confectioner" 5th Edition 1981

London; Virtue

Nicolello, I

"New Manual in Patisserie and Confectionery"

"Complete Confectionery Techniques" 1994

Complete Pastrywork Techniques" 1991

"Basic Pastrywork Techniques" 1991

** there are 10 copies of this manual in the library!!



London; Hodder and Stoughton

Barker, W.

"The Modern Patissier" 1983

London; Hutchinson

Healy, B. and Bugat, P.

"Mastering the Art of French Pastry" 1984

New York; Barron's

Karousos, G.

"The Patissier's Art 1994

New York; John Wiley

Juillet, C.

"Classic Patisserie" 1998

London; B. H

Bennion and Bamford

"Technology of Cakemaking" 1930, rep 1986

Worcester; Billings. There is a recently updated version of this available, but not in the library







Ashby, P


Boyle, P. T.

"Sugar Work"

Lees, R. and Jackson, E. B.

"Sugar Confectionery and Chocolate Manufacture"

McFadden, C and France, C

Chocolate - Cooking with the World's Best Ingredient

Sinkeldam, C.

"Art of Marzipan Modelling"

Storer, E.

"Complete Book of Marzipan"

Lodge, N

International School of Sugarcraft


Best wishes



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I have a number of those newer titles already, but some by very famous authors are still missing from my baking library. I'll be heading over to my friendly online bookstore as soon as this post is sent away

Thanks for all your great input on TFL and for your utter generosity in sharing tips and tricks, Andy!

I'm sure everyone appreciates your dedication to, and knowledge of, the ancient art and craft of baking. Thank you very much, sir.

Best regards,


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Hi Andy,

Thanks for compiling such a useful list of the best refernce books on baking. I also have about 20 volumes from the list in my library. I ran across a book titled 'The Handbook of Dough Fermentations' by Karen Kulp and Klaus Lorenz. I was able to read a few excerpts on starters in the preview section and found them to be very informative. The book costs a fortune though so I have not bit the bullet and bought it. Are you familiar with that title? If you do, any thoughts or comments?



ananda's picture

Hi Daisy_A,

Just bought a second hand copy from the US!   Courtesy of the site you recommended.   It's cost me less than £30, inc P&P!

Nice One!

Thank you Don; I've never come across the book you mention, but will have a look out for it.

Whilst I have access to the Suas book in College, that would be the one on the list I'd most like to add to my own collection.

The ones that stay home seem to be Hamelman, Whitley and Wing/Scott; the rest are in my storage cupboard in the staffroom at College

Thank you copyu.   I am more than happy to share.   It is recipricol, you know.   I have learnt a lot from the many experts here at TFL!

Best wishes to all


ananda's picture


It's going to cost £130, new, or, secondhand [$180!], plus P&P I guess.

This is the link from Daisy_A's recommended site:,Xv5aA7PnOeMEgEMpm2A_7551878360_1:1058:1559&bq=author%3Dkarel%2520kulp%26title%3Dhandbook%2520of%2520dough%2520fermentations

Looks very scientific; probably up my street too, but too pricey.   If I can get it as an e-book, the library will probably be quite keen to order it; will keep you posted on that



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Thanks for the information Andy I was able to buy a great book that was being cleared from our college library for 50 cents its called Practical Baking 2nd ed by William J Sultan printed  in USA by the AVI Publishing company. This was a lucky find as i had a previous copy that i allowed a prevoius baking colleague to borrow and it was never returned!

The other good book that my wife bought for me recently was the Bourke St Bakery  by Paul Allam & David McGuiness that Shia-Ping bought to our attention.(WHERE ARE YOU SHIAO PING? we are missing you)

kind regards Yozza

ananda's picture

Hi Yozza,

I've found 2 listings for the Sultan work.

One is "Practical Baking" [now in its 4th Edition]; the other is listed as "Practical Baking Manual"

Don't suppose you know if these 2 are completely different books, or not?

Thanks for dropping by and giving your recommendation.

Yes, Ive seen the Bourke Street Bakery promoted a lot on Amazon.

As for Shiao-Ping, well she is much missed, recently.   I have a sneaky feeling she's been posting on the distinctly more Aussie "Sourdough Companion" recently.   She did a wonderful resume on a fabulous local bakers: 2 brothers, inspired by the Artisan Bread renaissance in the western US.

Take good care, and I look forward to more on the prospecting story


yozzause's picture

Hi Andy

my copy is 2nd edition  Practical Baking 1969 hence the 50 cents price tag from our library SALE, it has a preface date august 1965 and a 2nd edition preface january 1969. i have found it to be a valuable reference source. there is an interesting suggested supplementary reading list of textbooks that go back quite a few years. good to see that there have been several more editions

Back at work now and flat out like a lizard drinking, will get the goingfor gold episode down soon. 

regards YOZZA  


ananda's picture

I picked up a secondhand copy of the 4th edition...for £3 inc P&P!



kolobezka's picture

Hi Andy,

may I ask what College you are teaching at?


ananda's picture

Hi zdenka,

I lecture at Newcastle College, in North-East England