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Hamelman's Vollkornbrot

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Hamelman's Vollkornbrot

I really wanted to try once a 100% rye recipe- a dense, moist, delicious bread that I love eating in my trips to europe (not the sponge like clorored stuff they sell in the stores). I decided to give Hamelman Vollkornbrot a try.

I've tweaked the recipe just a bit as I changed the rye chops to cracked rye and I had only 7 oz of it (I've add the rest as rye flour).

The whole rye experience is quite ew to me as have not made more than a 40% rye until now. It was actually great fun' as you don't expect gluten development and you just mix "clay". I don;t have a pullman loaf pan either so I use two smaller pans. I shoud have proofed it for 30 minutes more as almost non cracks appeared at the floured surface of the loaf before going to the oven but still-the results were fantastic.

Hamelman's Vollkornbrot:

The crumb:

Sorry one of them are shorter- I forgot to take a picture before slicing into it.

We've waited about 60 hours before cutting it and boy, it was hard. After tasting it with just a little butter on it I knew it was worth it- one of the very best breads I've made and even tasted. It keeps easily int plastic in the fridge for a week and a half or so now and it tastes just as good.

Greatly reccomended- easy to follow recipe, wonderful bread!

Happy Baking!



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Nice one Jonathon!

I'm on top of the HB Black Pumpernickel now, so the Volkornbrot must be the next rye loaf for me to move on to.   Have you made the HB yet yourself?

Best wishes


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I haven't yet made the HB Pumpernickel although I've read the story and the recipe like a dozen times. I can't get my hands on whole rye berries and cracked rye, but as soon as I will, I will sure bake this bread. I just love a good pumpernickel!


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carrys organic rye berries and cracked rye.

Your Volkornbrot looks awesome. I may have to give it a try!


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Great looking bread Jonathan! The crumb looks moist and rich. It looks like you have some larger particles in the mix close to the size of whole grain. This is one of my favorite breads.


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Great crumb, Johnathan! I make both Reinhart's and Hammer's volkornbrot and have never gotten crumb like that! Nice!

I mainly make mini logs about 1 3/4 inches in diameter that I use for appetizers. Your bread makes me think I should make a regular loaf!


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Thank you Eric and Jay for your compliments!

Eric, I can get my hands on only whole rye berries so when I need to use cracked rye (or int this case cracked rye as I subtitute to rye chops), I grind it on my own. Sometimes it gets a little to coarse and sometimes a little to fine. In this case I've wanted to keep it quite coarse because I love the bite it gives to the bread.

Jay, I must recommend this bread again- you must do it as a regular loaf! Spread wth butter it is one of the greatest breakfast there is!

Best Wishes,


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Delicious looking crumb and your improvising with pans seems to have worked out perfectly!  Nice job.


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Great execution of the formula, Jonathan.

It looks quite marvelous!

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Thank you Larry and Lindy! I've just put Reinhart's mushroom ciabatta in the oven- can't wait to taste that one!


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I still haven't recovered from my whole rye fascos of recent past.   I am doing the "Mellow Baking" challenge, so I will have to get to this bread one way or another....


your post definitely made me a little more hopeful....    I hope mine will turn out edible.   (The "clay description" is very accurate....)



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I bet your Vollkornbrot will be great! I wish I had the chance to bake all of Hamelman's book but unfortunately I don't have the time- but it seems like a marvelous adventure!

Best Wishes,