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Gratuitous Biscotti

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Gratuitous Biscotti

No story, just started playing with the camera while the almond biscotti were baking and one thing led to another...




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Though my first thought is that your pictures constitute offensive material, I do have to be honest -- they make my mouth water


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Well Done!



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Please share your recipe!! That is the most perfect looking biscotti I have ever seen. I love the texture. I have seen many pictures that have a too-coarse crumb, but in my opinion yours is perfect!

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I wish I could tell you that this was a generations-old recipe passed on to me by my sainted, Italian grandmother - but my family all come from Germany and they're not much help with biscotti! 

So I Googled it:

 It was the simplest (as in, fewest ingedients, bells and whistles) one I could find.

I found I had to go longer on the first bake, more like 45-50 min.  The first attempt at 35-40 min was still doughy when I cut into it.  Though my daughter was happier with the first version because it stayed soft and chewy in the middle!

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Thanks for the pictures and link to the recipe. I hate to tell you, but your biscotti look way better than the ones on the Joy of Cooking site.

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I must say that your picture of the biscotti that you made looks waaay better than the one on the website with the recipe! The crumb doesn't look at all the same. Do you have a really special knife that you use to cut them? I know it needs to be a serrated one, but I'm thinking that the finer the serration, the cleaner the cut would be.

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Biscotti!  Who wouldn't love these...gorgeous photos too!


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You've captured the biscotti beautifully! Wow...and with the coffee...what a way to enjoy life!

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I only make biscotti once a year (around Christmas time) because I tend to eat WAY too many of them.  Your pictures make me want to make biscotti again.  So delicious looking!  Thanks for sharing!


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The pictures speak for themselves!  Wonderful looking biscotti,


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Thank you so much for all your kind words! 

The texture came out finer than the recipe because I had a little bag of sliced almonds so I toasted and crushed those instead of starting with whole almonds.

And, let's see, after the first bake I wet my hands and rubbed over the loaf to keep the crust from getting crumbly while it set - humidity is something we've heard of around here, but don't often see.  Kind of like Sasquatch.

Then I used my regular bread knife to slice.  I wet it between cuts just to make sure it didn't stick.  I think that little smear of water gave the crumb a softer look too, almost a little glazed. 

They're also fairly (and intentionally) small.  Hard to get the scale from the pic, but that's a very small espresso cup. 

And for the record, they're killing me, too.  I had to hide them in the cupboard.  They wouldn't have lasted a day on the counter!

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I bake biscotti all the time.  Your phtographs inspired me to try this recipe. Not a good recipe. 300 degrees can not be right. I ended up with an  extremely dense product, with almost no rise. Just wanted to let others know they might want to skip this recipe.

beautiful photos!