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New Mixer: Globe or Anvil??

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New Mixer: Globe or Anvil??


This is a first post although I've been reading here for a few days--great site! 

My KA Pro6 died--I did indeed watch batch limits, speed settings, etc, but NOWHERE in my user manual did it tell me I couldn't knead dough for more than 2 minutes! I did exceed that.

Anyway, I'm looking for a mixer that will bake my 60-55% AR doughs, about 2.5#/loaf, for the rest of my life, say 50 years. I've been looking at the Globe 8 qt or the Vollrath (Anvil) 10 qt.  Either of them will work well for my bread, the real question is: Will it work well for small amounts of creaming, single batch cake batters, a few egg whites?

I've seen several posts from people who have experience with Globe mixers--larger ones at least.  Could you tell me how it does for small loads?  Anyone out there with an Anvil?

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I bought a Globe 8 qt. last year and have had no regrets. Having  burned up my 10 year old Kenwood,  my wife told me to keep my hands off her KA Commercial; so I went shopping online and selected the Globe.

I have made batches as large as 6 lbs and as small as 2. The spiral dough hook works well, sometimes a small batch will climb the hook, but if you just let it go it will catch and take care of itself. We do cakes in the KA, so I can't speak to that.

I don't remember ever using the second speed, except for pumping air into a slurry with the whip, as described at Breadcetera.

What I do appreciate is that I can just keep adding flour while kneading a large batch of dough without the motor changing pitch,  slowing down or even getting warm. I have no doubts it will last a long time.

If you decide on a true commercial mixer, be aware that they are heavy (60 lbs) and it pays to shop because prices very dramatically; the Globe runs from about $1175 to $1500.





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Thanks Michael,

I really, really like the looks of the Thnderbird 10 qt, but it's just too big for my kitchen--the Globe is pushing it. I found one for $999, didn't look to see if that includes shipping.  It's great to know it really is as sturdy as advertised.  I'm sorry you've never tried anything small, though.  I'd hate to have to buy another mixer for a batch of meringue or banana bread.