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crimped round bread tins

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crimped round bread tins

After a long search for round crimped bread tins my daughter found a couple on E Bay. after a good scrub and a couple of goes in the dishwasher on sanititize I fugured they were OK.. ;-)))).  this in my tins plus my first bake in in them,,,,qahtan




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Ebay is my favorite store  :)



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Hi qahtan

These tins are for traditional milk breads.   Heavy protec tion to prevent over colouration.

They do produce a lovely loaf, as your photo demonstrates.

Is that an "Assistente" in the background?   Nice mixer, and very difficult to get hold of here in the UK!

Best wishes


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Yes you are right about the mixer, I find it a super mixer, could you not get one from Sweden where they are made, I had to get mine from the other side of the

U S as they are not sold in Canada.  it is worth every penny even duty and P/P.    qahtan

You may like to take a look at the enclosed....

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These can be found in Canada.  I've a friend in Niagara who has purchased them.

She sent me this link for a pan that was recently listed.