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It IS Mothers Day

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It IS Mothers Day

There are not enough words to express thanks for the care and giving the mothers of the world provide. We all have or had a mother. If you are blessed to be able to hug yours or even call her today, I know she would appreciate it. To all the mothers out there, thank you so much for all you do.


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I'd like to 2nd that Eric

Having only recently lost mine (4yrs) and still miss very much, it is a special day and to now watch your own children coping with motherhood is just a marvlous thing to be part of. Indeed happy mothers day to all.  I was intrigued to hear it is  MOTHERS DAY in  USA because my mother who lived in England  used to have 2 x mothers days the one from her children living in Australia and another from the children in England on  2 different dates.

We had a great day here with 4 generations  getting together and all the sour dough pizza you could possibly eat from a wood fired oven that had previously only been able to offer incinerated excuses for pizza. Looks like i will be getting  an invite back for another session.

regards Yozza 

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Thank you Eric and Yozza, for both perspectives.  

Having lost my mother to cancer just a couple of weeks ago, Mothers Day this year is not quite what it used to be.  I am tremendously blessed to have had Mom around for nearly 80 years.  What she taught me, right up through her last few days, is of enormous value and her love was beyond valuing.

If your mother is still available, by all means show her your love and appreciation.  If she is now absent, hold on to the memories and pass the best of what you received from her to the others in your life.


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I so agree!  Having lost my Mom last month on the 1st and Dad last month on the 30th, Hug them while you can!

Paul my condolences.  Mine passed at 75 and 79 respectively.  The memories live forever in our hearts.