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Black Pepper Rye

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Black Pepper Rye

I was reading the baker's blogs and came across txfarmer's entry about Dan Lepard's Black Pepper Rye.  I didn't have poppy seeds, so I sprinkled sesame and caraway seeds on top.  I haven't gotten to try the bread yet, but I was rather happy with how it looked so I thought I might post some pics.  Knowing my luck, I'm jumping the gun and I'm going to be disappointed when I cut into it.  Cutting into a new loaf is always a surprise...sometimes just not a pleasant one. Hehe.

What I really need to do is get my butt in gear and start a sourdough culture.

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Black pepper and rye... I'd be in heaven!! Bit of a peppercorn junky myself.

PLEASE, PLEASE post photos of the innards... I've got a 4 lb miche on the go (Pointe-à-Callière) for our Hamelman challenge and I'll be bread-full for a fair bit so I'll just have to enjoy that delicious-sounding bread vicariously.

A Hamelman BREAD baking group

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Well, I do. It has become one of my absolute staples, baked at least once a month. Toasted, with peanut butter -- to die for.


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I think you'll be in for a pleasant surprise this time.

Lovely looking loaf, a foavourite with ehanner too.   I must bring my copy of The Handmade Loaf back from College and give it a go sometime

Looks fantastic


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Gorgeous Loaf EVE!

You know, you could estimate the crumb texture by weighing it with your hands, the more dense, the closer textured.


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For all the nice comments.

The bread is very good.  I love the kick of pepper that it gives you as an after effect.  

Rainbowz,  I'm a peppercorn junkie myself.  I honestly didn't expect to detect much of the peppercorn in the finished bread but you can definitely feel them!  I'll be looking forward to seeing your miche.  I see the first miche of May has been posted.

Jeremy, I never thought of trying it with PB.  I'm going to have to try it.

Ananda, thank you.  You should give it a try.  Compared to the breads that I've made (mostly Hamelman's) the is a quick bread to make.

Mebake, I never thought of estimating crumb texture that way, but that's very logical. And the estimation is spot on.

Don't mind my lack of cutting ability....and.....uh...the fact that I cut my bread with a steak knife.  I don't have a bread knife at the moment.

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The recipe for this one is in the Guardian Recipes section on Dan's forum. It's a great bread, I have made it with nigella seed on top and it looks very dramatic. There is also a complete step by step by Dan on how to make it there.


and..... your bread looks beautiful Eve!  Lovely photographs !  Will make everyone on here want to make this bread :)

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Thank you very much Zeb :)

I think all the baking is starting to pay off.

Thank you also for linking the recipe.  I totally forgot to do that. Hehe!

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I wish I could get my rye bread to rise that high!!