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Taking dough out of the fridge...

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Taking dough out of the fridge...

I have this fantastic pizza dough that I make with my sourdough starter and usually I mix it up in the morning and about 8 hours later, after it has doubled in bulk, I bake with it. But I just made some today and I put half of it in the fridge and I'm wondering what to do tomorrow. Some books I have seen say to take it out of the fridge and two hours later bake with it, but I have noticed it still takes nearly the full 8 hours to double in bulk - so, do I wait the 8 hours for it to double, or do I just have to let it warm up a little? Did the night in the fridge take away its need to double? 




(Pizza dough recipe: enough for two medium pizzas or one large -

8oz bread flour

3/4cup water

3/4tsp salt

2oz sourdough starter


Mix flour and water with paddle attachment for a few minutes, let rest for 10. Add salt and starter and mix with dough hook for 10 minutes. Let rise until doubled in bulk. Bake at 450 degrees until nice and golden. )