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So no one mentioned this?

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So no one mentioned this?

I have very recently had the occaision to spend a large amount of time on an airplane.  Being unable to immediately compose myself for sleep I was confronted with what I thought was an uninspiring array of films.

Being a big fan of watching Meryl Streep act - I chose to watch "It's Complicated".

I will not comment on the quality of the film as a whole, but why did no one tell me there was a sheeter featured in one of the sequences?  I would have bought the DVD and just played that sequence over and over...

Ah! I'll be baking soon...

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Here's a few videos until you get that DVD, Pat!

Safe travels - and have a delicious time getting your hands floured!

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In this post.


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been during my weeks of working 14 hour days.

Posts fly by so fast these days...

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Left Tokyo at 4PM on Sunday - arrived home at 3PM on Sunday.  Very odd sensation.

Mixing baguettes this morning.  Jet lag?  We don't get no stinkin' jet lag...

Hope to write up the story of my Okinawa starter soon...

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Mini Oven


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is indeed where the oven stands.

But nothing good lasts very long.  Returning to OKI so very soon for not so very long as the last time.

Baked, baked with the OKI starter, toured a flour mill.  Not such a bad time...