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Sharing the Easter Breads

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Sharing the Easter Breads

Work and remodeling the house have kept me off of here for awhile, but it's all been for the good. I renovated our utility room and installed a half bathroom there, thus allowing me to remove the half bath next to the kitchen so I could build a walk-in pantry for my baking Jones.


The entire renovation took me 7 weeks of part time work, but as you can see, it was worth it. I got it done just in time for my Easter baling. I made some basic white bread and cinnamon swirl loaves (traditional for brunch) along with some multi-grain honey whole wheat bread made with Red River cereal.

Also split a batch of dough between sticky buns and cinnamon rolls.

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Good job on both the walk-in pantry and the breads.  I would love to have that much space for my baking stuff.  Your breads look delicious!  I particularly like the crumb of the white loaf.  So white and beautiful.  Thanks for sharing!


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It all looks so good.

So much room, for a little while then it will be full if you are like me.

Greg R

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Great work on your project, and beautiful breads and buns. Ray

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Thanks everyone. I need to say that Mama got a lot of what she wanted/needed as well. Here are a couple of shots of her new laundry room with a new window to see to the back yard, an open closet (she didn't want doors to deal with), folding table with plenty of storage cabinets above and below, and the half bath with a tall vanity. All that in a room about 12' x12'. Our son took the pictures with his fisheye lens.