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Greetings from St. Paul

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Greetings from St. Paul

Hello all,

I'm celebrating my one year anniversary today of lurking on this site and thought that I would finally throw my hat into the ring. I'm a uber-novice baker in St. Paul, MN and I've appreciated the invigorating discourse here in the forums and the excellent photographs from bakers around the world. You all have inspired me and I hope to contribute regularly!

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Hi Grepstar,

I, too, spend most of my time in St. Paul (lived here for a couple of decades and moved to Wisconsin fiveyears ago but continue to work in St. Paul).  This is a great site, and now, with the addition of video, it feels like we've stepped into a new era.

Are you involved in the St. Paul Bread Club?  You might be interested in their website as well, .  Their web forum is at . Their quarterly meeting at St. Agnes Bakery is scheduled the afternoon of Saturday, Jan. 27.  According to their website, it offers 3 hours of conversation, demonstrations, roundtables, and hands-on participation.  Although I've checked into the club's website, I've never attended their meetings, so I'm hoping to make it on the 27th. 

In any case, it'll be good to see your postings in the future.


In search of the perfect crust & crumb

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Got snow? I once visited a friend in St. idea where exactly, only that I had to cross a river to get to the airport.


I hope this site helps you as it has helped me...


Regards from southern mexico 

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Drifty Baker

I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and I too think this is a great site.  I would encourage you to go to a meeting of the St. Paul Bread Club.  There are various "slice meetings" around the cities every month as well as a quarterly meeting of the full club at St. Agnes Bread Bakery.  The next scheduled quarterly meeting is January 27 from noon to 3 PM.  See the site mentioned above for directions, etc.


I noticed that you just joined the Bread Club.  My user name on that forum is ScottyA.


Regards from non-snowy Minnesota.


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I live in the north metro, but I have never heard of the St. Paul Bread Club before.  This sounds like a great way to learn.  I'm quite new at bread baking; my skills are somewhat lacking.  I'll have to pop over to the site and see what's what. 

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Drifty Baker-


Yes I joined it yesterday after discovering the link from this site.

It was actually my next stop after this one!! LOL!!

 Pleased to meet you and "see" you around... 

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I was at the last quarterly meeting of the SP Bread Club and it was interesting, although very crowded thanks to an article that appeared in the Star Tribune a week or two before. I've been to one of the monthly "Slice" meetings down at the Black Dog Cafe in downtown St. Paul, but I often find I have a conflict at the time those are happening.


The bakery opens up for retail sales on the first Saturday of the month and I typically make it to those--free bread samples and coffee! There are some tasty loaves that can be had, but admittedly the smaller bakeries in town can produce more complex tasting loaves.


One of the head bakers at St. Agnes, Lorenzo, has been teaching classes at Cooks of Crocus Hill and I've taken four of them. He's a nice guy with a lot of insight on bread baking. I've also taken a class at Cooks with Solveig Tofte, the head baker at Turtle Bread in Minneapolis. She was fantastic and I think I learned more about bread baking in the 3 hours in her class than I have anywhere else.


I'll likely be at the SPBC meeting on the 27th. It's always fun to be around so many bakers.