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How to use the Magic Mill DLX properly to knead????

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How to use the Magic Mill DLX properly to knead????

Can anyone help me with the correct way to use the Magic Mill DLX to knead?  When researching to buy it, it was touted at closest to hand kneading when using the roller and scraper. For me, the dough just sticks to the roller and spins around with it. No kneadinig goes on at all! I've contacted Magic Mill and they say for under 8 cups of flour to use the dough hook, but all of their literature and everything on line says the opposite. I don't know how to use this $500 machine and it was a waste of my money. Can anyone give me some advice to stop the dough from just spinning with the roller? I'd appreciate it. Alternatively, anybody want to buy a virtually unused Magic Mill DLX 2000???? :-))


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As far as your last question, sure, I'll give you $50 for it and even pay shipping!


I am thinking I will have to wait until the kids are done with college before I can start budgeting for a DLX, but everything I have read about using them cautions that the new owner must (1) be patient (2) develop the right technique (3) be patient. 99.873% of the threads I follow end up with the new owner saying "Aha! Now that I get it, I will never use a rotary mixer again" [1]. So I would say keep trying.


Here is a thread on Usenet that might be of interest:

Thread 1




[1] With the exception that the DLX is said not work work well on small batches, for whipping cream, etc. Most DLX users report that they keep a rotary hand mixer for those purposes.

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 You will I have no doubt seen my posts of a while ago, about the DLX, sure it took me a while to get used to it, but I now wouldn't change it. I have had mine two years this month.

Maybe your dough needs adjusting, don't give up  on it......   

I use both the roller and scraper and some times I use the dough hook and scraper.

 The machine comes with two bowls one St St and one white plastic, there are as you have noticed a thingy that has two whips to it, why use a rotary whisk when you have this wonderful one.


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we had a recent thread about this--lots of tips and links


I've had mine for 4 or 5 years and love it. It kneads wonderfully, and with some practice I'm sure you'll get used to it. It doesn't really knead like hand kneading, it's action is more like a spiral mixer.

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Glad you finally got the hang of it and love it like most people. 


Sorry I didn't see this thread sooner, but for those that are still looking for answers, there is a tutorial at, which is the technique I use.  It uses the dough hook, though, not the roller/scraper.