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Funny Shirt!!!

dstroy's picture

Funny Shirt!!!

Floyd won't let me buy him this shirt (the computer geeks all have way too many t-shirts from all the geek conferences) but I thought it was just too funny not to share!


I see bread people t-shirt.

SourdoLady's picture

I love it!! It has Floyd's name written all over it--hehe!

maggie664's picture

How appropriate -  and androgynous too!! Thanks for the laugh, Dstroy.

pumpkinpapa's picture

Maybe if you made your own version of it, is Floyd a programmer? Maybe it could be C# sourdough or Java = long nights baking?

Lots of possibilities here :) 

breadnerd's picture

I love etsy, by the way, now you got me searching for bread items!


I liked this one too:


mountaindog's picture


Great earrings, I love them!  Very clever and you can tell you learned your nice shaping and scoring from Floyd ;-)

dstroy's picture

HAHAHA ok - that had me laughing out loud :D