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Cut and come again cake

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Cut and come again cake

this is the second date loaf I have made in a week, the first went as quick as a whiz so thought I had better make another, Gerry (husband)likes to have a slice of what my mum always called cut and come again cake, which really was any cake that was not overly rich or creamy, like a loaf cake, maybe currants, dates, cherries or what ever.. qahtan

1 cup butter
1 cup soft brown sugar
2 cups A P flour
4 eggs
level teaspoon BP
2/3 tablespoons very very strong black coffee
and as many chopped dates as you want to put in.. I like lots
Bake slow at 285......

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Your cake is beautiful, do you cream the butter and sugar?


Would you mind posting your recipe for scones? I had the recipe a while back and they are wonderful but lost it. I would appreciate it very much...I swear this time I will put it in my recipe file. ;)

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yes I creamed the salted  butter and sugar, added 2 eggs and 1/2 flour then the coffee and remainng eggs and the remaining flour with BP stirred into it. all by machine. then folded in the dates.... about the scones, I am not sure which ones you mean.

 you can vary scones umpteen times and the always come out well, you can add sugar, fruit, cheese with onion and olives, leave out the egg,  all kinds of ways....

The trick is not to handle the dough too much......qahtan


2 cups flour

1 ½ teaspoons baking powder

¼ cup soft butter

2/3 cup milk plus or minus

1 egg

I always make my scones by hand.

Sift flour and baking powder together. Blend in soft butter.
Beat egg and add to milk and stir into flour with a knife, do not stir to much.
Turn dough onto counter and knead 10 times, just enough to tidy the ball of dough.

Roll lightly to about ¾ - 1 inch, cut with cookie cutters place on dry cookie sheet

And bake at 425 till nice and golden on top 12/15 minutes.

It is better to at least double the recipe, and add 1/3 sugar to dough if you want sweet scones

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Yes, that's the recipe...thank you very much!!! I thought I had it committed to memory but I wanted to be sure.

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Doc Tracy

I made them with blueberries and shaved semisweet chocolate the other night! Also, the recipe I used did not call for an egg. Came out awesome. Cut the butter in like you're making a pie crust.

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That looks wonderful. I'm wondering how many multiples of the recipe, that large pullman pan had to fill it up? That couldn't have been a mere 2 cups of flour?


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Well now, there's a first.  Never before have I seen a cake recipe that baked at 285 ...

Gotta try this one.

Do you use the internal temperature to judge when it's done or the dry when pulled from center toothpick?

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The cake /loaf will take about couple hours, I check it with a toothpick... but I do have other cakes that are cooked at this temperature, in particular heavy fruit cakes... one in particular is a cherry and almond cake made in a round with lots and lots ground almonds, after  it has matured it is almost like eating a slice of almond paste..... yummy.. ;-)))))

this loaf was not baked in the large Pullman, the pan I used is about 10 x  3 3/4  and it only took one recipe  and  then I had a small taster as well.


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Thanks for sharing your process.

When you're ready to share it, that cherry almond cake is a recipe that a lot of us would like to see.

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one of my favorite combinations.  Hope you share the recipe.  Have you ever tried steaming these cakes?