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GLASS dough rising bucket?

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GLASS dough rising bucket?

Hi all,

I've made a pledge not to buy any more plastic stuff.  So I'm in a bit of a bind -- I need something GLASS that I can use as a dough rising bucket.  Because I live in a rural area and hate driving long distances to shop, I would prefer something I could order online.  Does anyone have anything they like, any suggestions?

I'm also curious about something glass I could use as a sourdough crock -- that would be easy to clean (the Mason Jar isn't working for me in that regard).



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Hi, Elizabeth.

I know just what you're seeking. How about this?

This is a 2 quart/8 cup measuring pitcher with a tight-fitting plastic lid. It's made by Anchor Glass and is fairly widely available in home stores and hardware stores that carry kitchen tools. It is also available on

Here's a link: Batter Bowl

I have two of these and use them for lots of different food prep. tasks. (Hmmm ... How many quart jars to I need to wash for this batch of chicken stock? Hmmmm .... Do I need to crush another box of berries, or do I have enough already to fill six 1-cup jars?)

I am not aware of any glass bowls like this with a larger capacity. If they are out there, I'd like to know about them.

This pitcher is one of my very favorite baking tools. Besides all it's other virtues, you can sit and watch the bubbles form in your dough while it ferments. Almost as much fun as sitting in front of your oven and watching oven spring happening through the glass.

(BTW, these are both diagnostic of totally out-of-control "Real Bread Baker Syndrome.")

You have been warned. ;-)


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I always find a wealth of glass and ceramic containers of various sizes and descriptions that might work for your sourdough container, if you've got any thrift stores around.

"Back in the day" before graduated buckets were the rage for the breadbaking set, my favorite dough rising bowl was a handmade glazed pottery bowl, covered with a plastic shower cap.  I still love that bowl and it is known as the "dough rising bowl" in our house.  No graduated markings, I just had to use my eyes and hands to determine when the dough had doubled.  Maybe you already have something around the house?  

I've looked at those Anchor Hocking covered batter bowls, and I think they would be perfect, too. They are reasonably priced at Target, and I think I saw them really low priced at Big Lots.   

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Mini Oven

straight open and wide mouth canning jars with glass lids.  I've seen more variety than on the net.  These are a lot easier to clean than mason and much more attractive.  I have 4 one liter globe shaped jars with lids and they stack quite nicely.  The glass lids have no plastic on them and fit also nicely with or without the rubber rings.

Then there are cracker jars and small fish bowls.  I've purchased crocks with snug fitting wooden lids as well but direct from a potter. 


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I posted before bed last night, and this morning, voila!  

Thanks for the great suggestions, everyone.  I'm going to check into that batter bowl today, and I'll also look at the Weck jars.

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If you have a Walmart try them...I have found several nice size glass jars with lids there.

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Barbara Krauss

Walmart and Target both have Anchor Hocking straight-sided glass cookie jars with glass lids in different sizes, and reasonably priced.  I use them for storing flour and other dry goods.

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Pyrex has a well marked 4 qt glass measuring cup. Shower caps or the plastic bowl covers are great. Saran wrap in a pinch. Often 2nd hand stores have sourdough pottery jars with lids with a metal snap ring. A pint size jar with a glass lid and a metal snap ring works well. Second hand stores have many glass and pottery bowls for a few dollars. Give it a week or two and you will probably find something you love besides being practical.