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Proth5's new oven perhaps?

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Mini Oven

Proth5's new oven perhaps?

What do you think of this?  Can you find something similar in Okinawa?  It is designed to fit over a burner and heat comes up through the selected pieces and reflected down in the middle.  I think 6 pieces including a support ring and grill tray, baking tray and two piece funnel device plus a lid.   I saw 3 different sets here in S Korea but this one looked like one could bake rolls and horseshoe baguettes in it.  You could bake more than bread in it too!  You can do a chicken or shrimp and grill some vegies and heck, have a grand 'ol picnic with this little gem!

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that's quite a contraption.  I was out "bowl shopping" this weekend (all of the equipment is teeny, tiny) and saw some interesting devices, but nothing like that.

That doesn't mean I've seen everything, everywhere.  We keep trying!

Thanks for that.