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New steam injector

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New steam injector

I just saw this on Rose Levy Beranbaum's blog, a steam injector for home bakers,

It would have been good on my wish list 

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Wow: $199.00! It seems the kneadless/hot pot method accomplishes the job for a lot less. Santa brought me a round Le Clouch from the Baker's Catalog and I immediately tried the New York kneadless method. I plopped the dough onto my stone and covered it with the hot ceramic lid. Results were excellent.

Tomorrow, I plan to make Floyd's Rustic loaf using the overnight kneadless approach, using the above method for one loaf, and doing the second loaf in a cold clouch as per the manufacturer recommendations. I will report back on the differences.

Happy New Year everyone.








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 I am also interested in this new gadget.  A review would be wonderful!