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New Toy

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New Toy

One of the items on my Christmas list was a digital kitchen scale.  I must have mentioned it to the right people, because I wound up with two!  The one that I will keep is a Salton model, which has metric and English units, and the ability to tare additional quantities.  It has already seen duty with a batch of Eggshell Rolls from Bernard Clayton's Complete Book of Breads. 


Other baking this week has included a batch of basic sourdough bread from BBA, and a batch of cinnamon buns (the sticky bun version), also from BBA.  Amazing how easy it is to work baking into the schedule when the schedule doesn't include a daily stint at the office!  Vacation is a wonderful concept.  I may get around to making some scones and, then again, I may not.  Either way, it's been a satisfying week for baking.



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I agree, being on vacation this week has been great for baking, the holiday guests being additional good excuses, with still lots of relaxation times waiting for those long rises.

Love that digital Salton scale with the metric and tare functions too, I can't believe how handy it is to use for all our cooking now, not just baking - my husband does most of the cooking and he uses it constantly now, we leave it out right on the counter near the stove. We even use it to measure out proper portions of dog food in our multi-dog house.

I'm going to make the BBA regular cinnamon rolls this afternoon with non-dairy subs. Enjoy the rest of your vacation time and Happy New Year!