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Sandwich pans

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Andrew S

Sandwich pans


I am trying to find "proper" sandwich pans, the type with a lid that produce a square loaf.  While I am on the subject, if it does not have a lid, it is called tin bread and not sanswich. 

ironically, I used to be a bakery lecturer and we had dozens of these in use all the time.  Cant find one for love nor money now though!

Any ideas would be much apprecieated.

Many thanks,


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Pullman pans, named so because they were originally made for use in the dining cars on railroads. Google Pullman pans, and you'll find lots of suppiliers.

David G

P.S. Shop around, they come in various lengths up to 19.6 inches. 16 inches is the most common, and the original length (fit the railroad kitchen ovens). I have one that is only 13 inches, and I've seen 8 or 9 inch ones at King Arthur's store.


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Yes there are many about in different sizes.... qahtan