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Some of my first Sourdough Attempts

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Some of my first Sourdough Attempts

Since I've successfully managed to develop a sourdough starter, I've been baking sourdough breads almost everyday for one straight week! But here are some of my favorites so far: Kalamata Olive Bread and Blue Cheese Bread. They both have some rye flour, plus my starter is part-rye as well. I'm still very new to the whole thing and there is a lot to learn, but it has been a very fun and delicious journey for sure!

I only thought of the blue cheese when the bread was about to go into the oven, so I didn't stuff it in the dough itself, but I love the look and taste of the bubbly melty cheese on top. This was done in about 5 hours, and my friends and I (4 of us) finished the whole loaf in about 2 minutes.... (and it was after we had finished eating dinner, too....)

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Wow, both loaves look delicious!  My favourite sourdough loaf is definitely olive at the moment, but will have to try a blue cheese one sometime.  Nice one!

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Thank you bakinbuff! I hope you'll try the bue cheese soon. It's absolutely heavenly!

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They sure look good for first attempt!  Must be very delicious!  Way to go!  Al

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Thank you Al! They were indeed very delicious!

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yum beautiful bread, did u follow any particular recipe?

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Thank you rolls! The recipe is a modification of another recipe that I found somewhere online. Here are the ingredients:

200g Starter (100%hyd.)

180g Water

200g AP Flour

140g Bread Flour

40g Rye Flour

8g Salt

I kind of treated it as any easy instatnt yeast dough - no folding, no long ferment etc. Just did knead-rise-shape-rise-bake all in about 5 hours.

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Nice job there, whiskers! The crumb shots really show you've got the touch.

Welcome to TFL!


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Thank you David! I have been learning so much from your wonderful posts and comments on this site. I hope to try one of those more challenging and time-consuming sourdough recipes soon!

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Very nice!

How sour is it and how sour do you like your sourdough?

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the breads look so yummy. thanks for including a recipe for one of them.


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They really are so yummy, I had to bake a whole bunch more today!

They are not very sour (just a hint, I would say) - assuming because of the short fermentation and my starter being very new. I personally would like it more sour, so I'm going to try one of those recipes with more fermentation time very soon.