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Bosch Universal Machine- ss bowl?

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Bosch Universal Machine- ss bowl?

Hi all, I am thinking of purchasing the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine. It comes with a plastic bowl. I have been deciding between this machine and the Electrolux DLX and think I've decided upon the Bosch (any personal testimonies toward either product welcome), but wonder if the plastic bowl performs well enough or if I should also order the stainless steel bowl. Is there any real advantage to having stainless steel? If I order the Bosch with the ss bowl, it will cost the same as the DLX...

Thanks in advance for any help :-)

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I like it. I've never used a DLX, but those who have them like them, too.

The plastic bowl that comes with the Bosch works great. However, it's got lots of little corners, and I find it doesn't come clean with a brief soak as well as SS. I did order the SS bowl after using the plastic one a dozen times or so. It doesn't seem like it fits the base securely, but it actually works perfectly, and it is easier to clean.

BTW, the Bosch whips egg whites to amazing volume in no time. It's not just for bread.

Hope that helps.


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I've had my Bosch for about a year now and I can't say enough good about it.  I had intended on purchasing the SS bowl right away simply because I prefer stainless. However, a year later and I still have not gotten around to ordering it.  My sister-in-law purchased a Kitchen Aid 6qt mixer at the same time I purchased mine and she has had some problems with the motor already.  Good luck, with which ever machine you go with.  I'm sure if you choose the Bosch that you will not be unhappy with it.





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I have two of the Bosch Universals, both with the plastic bowls.  I use them about every other day.

I fill the bowl with water and let it soak while I am cleaning up my work surface.  I then use a nylon bristled brush to clean the little corners on the center post of which David spoke.

And the volume of egg white from just one single egg is astounding.



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I do the same thing with my Bosch.  I find it very easy to clean with just a little soaking. 

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Thanks all for help on this. I went ahead and ordered the Bosch, no ss bowl. I can't wait! 

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I have both the Bosch plastic bowl and a stainless one b/c I wanted an extra bowl (and I do use it when I bake angel food and chiffon cakes).  However, I mainly use the plastic bowl and have never had a problem cleaning it.  My Bosch is the Concept model, which no longer is made, but is similar enough to the new Universal.  I also love the juicer attachment that is quite inexpensive.  The meat grinder and berry attachment (for removing seeds from blackberries, raspberries, etc, are nice, too.  

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For anyone interested: there is a barely used DLX 9000 with extras on eBay now with 4-5 days to go. The starting price was $199 & so far there is only one bidder.