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At the moment I am lingering between the recipes from lessons 1 and 2. Slowly improving my skill in kneading and learning my observing the dough as it rises and with little things I do differently.

I made a double batch of lesson one basic bread dough two days ago. One loaf was for us, the second for Xmas day at the brothers house.

I left the second rise an extra hour (or thereabouts) and the breads lookd as though they might collapse. They were light and a bit wobbly and the air holes in the top were visable. So I quickly put them into the preheated oven and came out with the best breead I have made in all my trying. They were so tasty, and the texture was wonderful. They were full of small holes. some bigger and were nice surprises :)

I am sooooo happy. All night my partner heard about nothing else.

I will attenmpt lesson three soon (after we come back from a few days away)

I also was given The Bread Bakers Apprentice yesterday :) So I am so excited about trying out Peter Reinhearts recipes :)

yay for good bread!


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Thegreenbaker, Peter Reinheart's book sounds like a really great present, hope you don't wear it out so much all the pages fall out to soon.


My mom gave me a twenty five pound bag of bread flour, she seemed really impressed with my bread, but she's my mom.  No, they were nice, but the bubbles weren't as big as i wanted.  Like the first one, that we ate, hey, making bread all day gets me hungry.  It didn't have a lot of big bubbles but they were there.


I've been on lesson one for weeks, of course the recipe on two was just like the one i've been making for a few months, in the dutch oven, out on the grill.  In between testing out other recipes, from time to time.


We like the recipe in lesson one, it's the only one i've used for weeks, of course we modify it some what, amount of water and flour, and we're using sourdough with it, now.  Tomorrow's dough is sitting out in the cold right now, to many leftovers in the fridge.  In the morning, i'll bring it in.  Hopefully it'll be ready to bake when i get home.


Someday, we'll have to try the rest of the recipes in the lessons.  It's just been fun seeing what happens when i try different things, on such a simple recipe. 


I hope you enjoy your present, someone sure picked a good one out.