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Sourdough Lamb and Rosemary "Cigars"

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louie brown

Sourdough Lamb and Rosemary "Cigars"

Another original idea. Lamb/wine braising liquid and ground rosemary mixed to about 75% hydration with KA AP flour. Stretched and folded in the bowl twice over three hours, left on the counter overnight at about 70 degrees. Further bulk fermentation of four or five hours due to the interference of a dentist's appointment. Back out on the counter for an hour, then gently plopped out of the bowl, stretched and treated like grissini, only fatter. Some were shaped with care. A crumb shot of one of these is shown.

This concludes the experiments with flavored liquids for the moment, as I have run out of stuff that needs to get out of the freezer. There is really no limit to what one could come up with. As far as I know, there is not much, if any, of this kind of thing going on beyond the pain marin at Ledoyen in Paris. High end restaurants could have a field day with this approach, and home bakers can dress up their dinner parties with something novel. Crackers and flatbreads are other obvious ways to go.

As always, comment and criticism invited.


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louie brown

Here is a macro photo of the cell structure of one of the cigars, showing pretty clearly the translucence of the crumb:

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This is good work Louie. Your Cigars look great and sound delicious. What a novel idea you are working with. You have my wheels turning, thanks!


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louie brown

Thank you so much. Right now, in between attempts at a 100% whole wheat sourdough baguette, I am getting ready to try to recreate the old world style Italian "meat bread," from which the Italo-American "prosciutto bread" is derived. I've been advised that fresh bacon would provide the best lard and cracklings when rendered. I'm still not sure what to do with the duck stock, which has a much less assertive flavor than the lamb broth. Unfortunately, the cracklings from the duck skin had an off flavor, or they would have gone into rolls.

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zoltan szabo

Hello Louie,

very inspiring, i will defenetly try out! Even if not with lamb but with other roasting/braising juices.

Happy Baking,