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PR’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon Babka

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PR’s Brown Sugar Cinnamon Babka

Well, this is actually the Chocolate Cinnamon Babka recipe from Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day. I followed the recipe to a T except I substituted the chocolate for dark brown sugar, as per the request from my girlfriend, who barely ate any after it was done, haha.

I really like how it came out and I love the look. A loaf doesn't get any cooler looking than this and you can't go wrong with a rich, sweet, cinnamony, streusel topped bread. I gave my parents half the loaf and I pretty much ate the rest by myself over two days, my girlfriend only had a taste and acknowledged it was fantastic, she considers herself a expert. She had to look good in a bikini the following week so she said "I should stop making bread!".

This is the first bread I made out of this book, I have made many from PR's other books. I have my eye on taking a whirl at the croissant recipe in this book but I don't know when I will get to that. This was easy, fast, and fun to make and I will definitely be making it again, next time with the chocolate. It is a cool bread to bring to a dinner party for desert, in my opinion.

Enjoy the pictures,




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Nick, it looks very delicious and is added to my list to make from the book.  Thanks for posting and lovely pictures.

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awsome pics !

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You are right it is cool looking. Your girlfriend is also right. It's not a snack for keping your figure. That's why men are men, somebody has to eat the snacks.


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Thanks Saraugie & AnnaInMD! I'm glad you like the pictures. The bread is quite photogenic.

Your right Eric, this is quite a manly snack, haha. My girlfriend eats like a bird, which has many perks for me!



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Oh YUM! Great bread- Great photo! Thanks for sharing.

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Wow! That looks simply gorgeous! I wouldn't mind a slice for lunch:D

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Aren't cha glad we guys don't haf'ta wear bikinis!

Standing up for the last 67-ish years has been great, too -- But I haf'ta admit, the ole prostate is gettin' the better of me!

There's got to be a downside to every good thing...  :(

~ B



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Thanks flourgirl51 & JeannieTay! I would share a piece if it wasn't long gone, haha.

I hear ya Broc. There is that downside to being a man.  At least no one has to see me in a bikini!


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Wow that looks amazing! I'm going to have to try this myself :)

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Wow , that is a whimsical looking babka.  It could be cast for the role of the coveted babka in a Seinfeld episode!  Just beautiful.  I am baking my way through PR's The Bread Baker's Apprentice (just 8 loaves to go!).  I think your pictures have convinced me to tackle his new book next.


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Like Seinfeld's, lucky for me there was just the right amount of hair in mine!


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I attended Peter Rhinehart's bread workshop at the Asheville Bread Festival.  He made this very same bread... chocolate cinnamon babkas.  It was great to see a master at work.  Anyone else attend that workshop that would like to comment?

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Wow, he made this at his workshop!  I wonder how mine compares.  Does it look like his?



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It is a lot of yeast! You don't even have to proof this loaf with the full amount. It is quite an impressive loaf no matter what you do. You could half the yeast and extend the times. Or cut the dough in half and make two less dense loaves...sometimes I think this is what he left out of the directions since the amount of dough is way too much to make just one.