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found richard bertinet episode on gourmet

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found richard bertinet episode on gourmet

okay, maybe im a bit slow, and u all already know bout this? but have been a bit out of it, had a baby! so only artisanbreadinfive and jim lahey bread for me at the moment lol! anyways here's the link in case ur interested:


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I think you may have gotten your links mixed up! :)



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Thanks rolls!

I enjoyed all the videos..on my FF browser the video link at top took me to a list of videos, from the tab at the top of the videos showing on right I chose "chefs and experts".

I watched all the"chefs and experts" videos and they were all interesting. The Bertinet video of the sweet dough coming together as he worked it was fascinating.

And now I know why some asparagus is white :)

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oops sorry how about this?

oh no is that the sane? okay if, after you watch that short preview of the series, you click on the arrow on the right, you should see the segment im talking bout,

no.3 the complete episode, 'the bertinet kitchen' n it shows a nice crusty bread.

hope this helps sorry its a bit confusing!


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