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Brand new cloche

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Brand new cloche

Hi, from San Diego,

I just received my brand new ceramic cloche and would like to know anything special to not ruin it.



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I've had mine for 2 years.  I use it only for bread.  I put it in a cold oven & let it heat up with oven.  I don't wash it with soap just brush out.  I don't soak it in water prior to using- some clay bakers suggest this.  I store it in a safe spot in the cabinet where it won't get hit or knocked over.

Mine looks like I've baked in a campfire.  It gets dark & weathered looking but it just means it's baked a lot of lovely bread! Have fun!



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Despite what the manufacturer says --

Keep it dry...

Don't oil, season... yada-yada...

Heat to 450F from cold... then set oven to initial baking temp [I do 420F], then put the shaped & proofed dough into the piping hot cloche [yes-I use parchment] put on the cover and back into the oven.

About 12 minutes later, remove the cover --

I reduce the oven temp to 390F... and bake until 195F internal.


~ Broc

FYI -- I use 2 lbs of dough/loaf.  I adapt PR's recipes & techniques to mix up 6 lbs, fridge for two days, separate into 3 loaves, and have at it!

~ B