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Hamelman's semolina with whole-grain soaker

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Hamelman's semolina with whole-grain soaker

Last week I baked Hamelman's Semolina with whole-grain soaker, using a natural leaven rather than fresh yeast, and was delighted with the results.

I wrote it up in detail at my blog, but wanted to mention it here for one reason: if it hadn't been for the help and support of the people here, I would almost certainly have made a mess of it and abandoned it. Thanks to your generosity, I have the confidence to handle doughs that, a year ago, I would have found much too wet, much too sticky and much too sloppy to work with. I would have murdered the texture by using too much flour, over-kneading and all that. Instead, I let time and stretch-and-fold do their thing, and was rewarded with excellent loaves.

So, thank you.



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Great looking breads Jeremy. That recipe can be hard to handle but it looks like you have it worked out just fine. I always enjoy your posts and seeing your work. Thanks for sharing.


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