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My 3 B's of Bagels- Build, Boil, Bake....Here is the first B..

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My 3 B's of Bagels- Build, Boil, Bake....Here is the first B..

Because I always like the books with the pictures, I also like to take lots of pics for instructional purposes.  Its always easier to understand if you can see it for yourself.

This is double batch of SD Bagels....

My recipe is from BBA...

I start with 70oz. of SD starter to which I add 3 teaspoons of Instant Yeast and mix in.

To this add in 34oz. of High Gluten flour ( I use KA Sir Lancelot)

1.4oz. Kosher Salt

1.0oz Honey

I then mix all together to get a rough mass.


I then dump contents out onto counter to begin mixing by hand.

Mix well by hand and then begin kneading and folding.

I will do this until most of the sticky dough has pulled back off of my hands and it all looks like this (about 6 minutes).

Next step- I let dough just sit on counter while I take a 3/4 sheet pan and line in with parchment paper.

I will now go back to dough and begin cutting 5oz. pieces off with a bench knife.

Take the 5oz. pieces and shape them into a ball like making dinner rolls, or any other rounds.  I dont worry about being perfect as long as it is round-ish..

Take the dough ball and place it on the sheet pan.  Let the balls touch each other as you are placing them.

Now take a dish towel, get it soak and wet with warm water.  Ring out excess water and drape over rounds.  This will prevent dough from drying out while you finish.

Once all rounds have been made cover entire thing with towel and let sit for 20 minutes.

I will use this time to now clean my workspace and prepare my pans for the shaped bagels.

On this sheet pan however I spray a thin layer of EVOO.

Now to uncover your bagel rounds once your 20 minutes is up.

Begin shaping the bagels.  To start out I roll a ball into a log shape rolling it on the counter to slowly stretch.

Take this piece and wrap it around your hand and overlap.

Now roll your hand on counter forward and back to seal bagel.

Place these shaped bagels onto your lightly oiled parchment papered pan.

Do this until all your bagels are shaped, then cover tightly with plastic wrap.

Now these go right into my cold storage.  I do not rest them on counters or anything else that would delay.  They go right into cold storage.

At this point you can wait until next day to do the boil and bake, or in my case since I made this batch 4 hours ago, I will do the boil and bake stages about 4 hours from now.  See you in 4 hours bagel buddies...




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Welcome Back, it's good to see that happy face.

I love your photos and instructions. I'm going to give it a try this week. I can't wait to see the finished product.


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I love this place, as well as the folks.  Im glad to see you are still around. Ive seen some of my old favorites posting here and there.  There is a couple missing though.  Ive been keeping my eyes peeled for JMonkey and browndog, but havent seen anything new from them in a while. 

Ive visited some of your blogs, and you posted some really awesome breads in the last year.  Great bakers like yourself is what keeps me inspired to try new things besides my normals.

As for the bagels...

I just finshed the Boil and Bake part now I just have to upload the photos to the puter' and then to here.

As with most bagels I do, the family dives in usually before I even get all my photos done... ;-)




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I love it!  Keep it coming. I tried bagels once when I was probably 15, but that is all I feel like sharing about that experience.

  Interesting that so many men are bread bakers, there are probably more men on this site than women.  I think that is totally cool.  Oh, and love the goatee in your pic!