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2010 Pizza's..

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2010 Pizza's..

One of the families favorites, pizza..

Pizza is extremely easy to make from scratch, better than delivery, and a great way to impress guests.

Average time of making 3 pizzas from scratch about and hour and a quarter start to finish.

My recipe is simple.

  • 908 grams bread flour (I use KA special)
  • 14 grams instant yeast
  • 29 grams Kosher salt
  • 600 grams spring water (since my tap water is yucko)

I place weighed flour in large bowl, and whisk in yeast.

Once whisked in I then whisk in the salt.

Once done pour in 3/4 of water and mix with bare hand.  When dough in starting to form from mess, add in rest of water and mix by hand until flour is all off of bowl and you have a pretty sticky mess in your hand. 

Dump all onto bare counter (no flour).  Continue mixing with bare hands until you have a good incorperation.  Then start kneading.  I knead until most of the dough has pulled off of my hands leaving my hands fairly clean (about 8 minutes).

I then cut into 3 equal weighing pieces.  I then take pizza proofing pans and spray EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) all around insides of each pan until nice even coating. 

I shape each dough piece into a dough ball and place each in seperate pan and swirl around until evenly coated with the oil.

Then stack pans and let sit about 45 minutes.

At 30 minutes I place my baking stone in oven and preheat to 500'f.

At 45 minutes I will dump out first dough onto floured work surface.

Once dough  is dumped out I flatten into about an 8-10inch round.

At this stage I will start hand tossing pizza dough until large enough to fill a large pizza screen.

Now the easy part, top with your favorite toppings..

Tonight I started with a Turkey Sausage, Mushroom, and Onion.

Top this with hand shredded Mozz. cheese.

Place pizza and screen on stone and bake for 5 minutes, at this time I will open oven and pull out screen from under pizza (I use a pizza peal to aid in this move.  I then continue to bake for another 5 minutes this way it has a nice brown bottom to the pizza.

At ten minutes pizza is done and here you have it.

I do this all over again 2 more times with a pepperoni version, and a plain cheese.


Now everybody has a full tummy, even my side kick Tonka

Though his tummy is filled with mostly Pedigree dry food with some left over turkey sausage, but he seems just as happy...

O.K. So to all my friends out there, I have been watching at times, even when I wasnt posting.  Last year was a great year, I built raised garden beds in my back yard to replace my regular garden, and we had great harvests.  Pic's are on my smugmug site, check it out if you would like.  Its much easier on the back, and there is no weeding to be done, my favorite part.

Thanks for checking out my latest,



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Your dog is absolutely adorable! The pizza's great, way to go!



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and you hand toss? I'm impressed!!

Tonka is a handsome boy!!


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Yep I hand toss...It has gotten much easier over the last couple years.  I'm not slinging pizza dough into the doors of my cupboards anymore. And I havent dropped one in at least a year I think. lol..

Seriously though it is pretty easy.  It just takes a little practice to get the hang of it.  Heck, if the teenagers at the pizza shops can do it, so can we....

I've tried the flattening out on the counters with your hands and I get the same type of results as if I used a rolling pin.  Flat pizza with not as many airy pockets as when I hand toss.  If you look above at the photo of the dough after tossing you can see all the little bubbles still present in the dough.  When rolling or pressing dough, I was losing all of that...


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That pizza looks great, Unfortunatly for me I still cant master the round shaping, I know it's all just practice. I tried a new recipe that is beer based pizza dough turned out great.

You can check it out here if interested