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Southern Tabasco to Toronto

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Southern Tabasco to Toronto

I am sitting at my sister,s dining room table trying to type on a laptop..  I have never done this before and the keys are sooo narrow!!!

 I baked yesterday, twice in a week!! I did the ciabatta and my brother in law took pictures with a great camara, pictures to come soon. He does part time camera work for hockey teams, so shooting bread gave him a whole different goal.

The flour worked differently again, and the crumb is once again different We had to open the windows as the cornmeal was burning and she was worried about the fire alarm going off..

The first loaf was a raison cinnamon loaf, with hardly any cinnamon as she was out...note to self-always check ingredients in the pantry before starting baking.

I picked up some baking tins, one for english muffins and the other for individual loaves.

I have not bought the BBA yet, and it was on back order from the I will have to wait until I get into Chapters...canada's verrsion of barnes and nobles.

It is gently snowing here and looks very christmassy...

Hasta luego and hello to all.

ps two more weeks left in the north!!