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BBA Poilane Miche

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BBA Poilane Miche

Made miche for the first time for the BBA challenge, here's the "cover shot" ;)


I used Golden Buffalo high extraction flour, and followed BBA instruction pretty closely. The only change is kneading method - I don't have the stamina or arm strength to knead 2KG of dough until "passing windowpane", so I just kneaded some and did a couple of french folds during bulk fermentation. Turned out pretty well - dense chewy crumb (as expected with relatively low hydration) and great flavor. I will keep tweaking it though, changing up the hydration level (I usually prefer much wetter dough, but this bread is surprisingly good too) and flour combo.

Went with the siganature "P" scoring mark

Hmmm, "someone" REALLY wants a peice of this bread!


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Did you give the poor dog any?

Great looking bread there.  Don't you just love how stretch and fold can compensate for not enough kneading!

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He knows he can get anything if he just give us that "lost puppy dog, please can I..." look long enough. ;)

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Poilane ...uhmm, I love it. Did you ever tasted the original one?

Beautiful bicycle too ;-)


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But it was a long time ago, before I started baking, so I don't remember noticing any details other than "Hmmm, it's damn good bread!" However, I do vaguely remember the crumb was dense...


Hey you notice the bike! Besides baking, my other hobby is endurance sports like marathoning and tri races. I had a bad fall and broke my ankle, my biking hasn't been the same since then, but I am getting back out there!

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I had seen on your blog, but not here - I've been so busy since arriving back from visiting my family in Brazil...


sooo, you are into marathon running and tri races!  how cool!  I only ran one marathon and just about killed me, but I stuck with half marathons to counteract intense intake of bread    


i look forward to meeting you in a few days!

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Beautiful Miche txfarmer. Your sense of artistry is duly noted, very nice. Reminds me of a phrase I saw once.

"It is not you he wags his tail for, but, your bread".


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Our pup is totally food motivated. We've accepted that he loves us for our treats dispensing abilities. :D

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The bread looks terrific, and as usual, I love your photos!

I always look forward to your baking.

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Appreciate your encouragement so much!

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That looks beautiful! Excellent job on the scoring by the way! I have a miche proofing right now, but I dare not try and score it in such a fancy manner, so props to you!

How many days will it take you to finish eating that loaf of delicious bread ; )



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We eat a lot of bread huh? Considering there're just my husband and I, plus our doggie of course.