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Using A Banneton

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Feelin Crumby

Using A Banneton

Good Evening Fellow Bakers,

I just received my first-ever bannetons. I'm very excited. Bought them from Placed the order Sunday night, got them in the mail today (Minnesota to Maryland). Anyway - I've never used one before and could use some advice. I actually did a "practice flouring" of one of them, and thought that it was a little too easy to dislodge all of the flour from the ridges, where it all settled on the bottom (where the top of the loaf would eventually be). Any tips on use would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. As Always, Feelin Crumby.

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A 50-50 mix of rice flour and wheat flour is helpful, as rice flour is sort of like teflon sans the toxicity.

It's been posted elsewhere here that you should pack the flour mix into the ridges; also, sift the flour along the sides.  I've not tried either of those suggestions yet, as I've been baking batards of late.

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I saw a professional use a brush to get the flour into the crannies with the banneton flat on the counter, just before dropping the dough ball in. The video wasn't specifically about banneton technique, so did not show the whole process, but it looked like the banneton had previously been floured by hand, and the brush was just a quick touch-up.

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You should use grease spray before using your banneton or flouring it.  Spray it down and then let it sit out over night.  The flour in the spray will get into all the little cracks and make sure that dough won't stick.  You should only have to do this the first time.