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My First 100% Whole Rye Brick

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My First 100% Whole Rye Brick

And it's delicious!  The recipe is 100 Percent Whole Rye from Bread Alone.

Mini Oven gave me her Austrian stamp of approval and tells me it will be truly ready to eat in a couple of days. Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year to All!



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Shucks, Susan, when I saw the term "brick," my first thought was that the bad bread fairies had visited and created havoc in your kitchen.

Should have known better.  Your brick looks mighty fine to me!

Happy 2010!



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It's my daily bread, I love it and I know that regardless of the look it's really delicious!

Did you ever try the 3-stage Detmolder process to make rye bread? It's really worth the time it takes: it rewards you with an uncomparable taste.

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I have come to the conclusion that those delicious tasting rye bricks need more love and understanding. It must have been a shock for the Queen of Oven Spring to open the door and find a rather dense and chewy object staring back at her.

I'm glad to see you tried this bread Susan. This is the year I have promised myself to learn how to make a good dark and waxy Pumpernickel. I ordered a package of rye flours from Stan at NY Bakers yesterday. That's a great way to find yourself with all the ingredients to make 100% rye breads that need meal or dark rye. A really great idea Stan! All of the hard to find rye flours from the same place in reasonable quantity.