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No Knead......Fantastic!

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No Knead......Fantastic!

Ok so my boyfriend's family has all the amazing kitchen gadgets anyone could dream up. Today I had access to a dutch oven and I thought it was about time to try out the no-knead bread recipe. (however, I have been told that you can just make it in a cast iron skillet without a lid) I let it sit and rise for the first time for about 16 hours. It seems really wet and unmanageable, but really as long as you put it in the oven, in my limited experience, you will end up with bread, and bread is always delicious. Here are my photos :)



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Nice job, Murph.  Your crumb is exquisite.  I love the "age" on the dutch oven.  I don't agree with the idea of making a no knead bread in an uncovered cast iron skillet.  Although I believe it could be baked that way, I don't believe you'd get the oven spring you see from a covered vessel unless you found some way to hold the steam inside the cast iron pan.

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Nothing wrong with that loaf at all. The crumb looks perfect.


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busy lizzy

I love the look of the bread, I don;t know why but when I bake mine in a  La clothe it always bakes up to a point. I keep punching it down when I drop it in the pan but it doesn't help.  Does any one know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for your help because I new at this but love doing it,  Busy Lizzy

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However, it's only possible to make wild guesses without more information.

My first guess is too much flour, from using cup measurements (which are notoriously variable) instead of weighing the ingredients. That means 'La Cloche' is possibly not big enough for the amount of dough you are producing.

If you send more details, someone will spot the problem very quickly.


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The thing about bread making is that it's very forgiving.  I could make a lot of mistakes but as long as I "catch" it in time for some adjustment it always turns out.  I love the look of your loaf.  It's lovely.  Great job!  Al