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Holiday Baking

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Holiday Baking

Boy, my oven and I have been busy this holiday.


Firstly, the wreath bread. The dough formula is based on Wild Yeast's cranberry fennel bread here: ,but I used cranberries and pistachio instead for the festive color.

Crunchy crust and a crumb that's full of cranberries and pistachio, yum!


Pumpkin brioche apple tart. The dough formula is from Sherry Yards' "Secret of Baking", the tart concept is from Wild yeast again (

The dough is VERY soft and yummy, rich enough, but not overboard(butter ratio is about 28%). Perfect with the apple, pumpkin seeds filling. I used some fresh cranberries for added tartness. I had leftover dough and made other fun shapes as well.

Babka from Maggie Glezer's "A Blessing of Bread"

Fun shaping method:

Pretty looking and the chocolate filling is very good, if a little too sweet for my family

A rum chestnut pie with some very yummy ingredients: candied chestnuts, chestnut puree, chestnut cream, marscarpone and heavy cream topping with real villina beans... (loosely based on this recipe:

Also made a bunch of cookies to give out as gifts:

Rugelach (VERY loosely based on this recipe:

Linzer cookies (recipe from Dorie Greenspan's "Baking: from my home to yours")

Candy cane cookies

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies

Espresso spritz cookies dipped in white chocolate and pistachio (from Carole Walter's "Great Cookies")


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You really need to give us advance warning to grab a napkin before posting pictures like this!  It all looks spectacular, including the espresso spritz, and I don't care for the taste of coffee!

Lovely work.


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Those spritz cookies came out better than expected - usually I prefer shortbread cookies, but this one is so chocolaty and rich.

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They are all beautiful! That's quite a project.


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They were done over the span of two to three weeks, still, it felt like my oven and mixer really got a holiday workout.

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In place of eating sweets I'm now sipping hot tea.  I had planned on baking Ina Garten's Rugelach and never got around to it.   I saw them on the food network and they were so tempting.  Yours look devine.  All the ingredients are still lurking in my cupboards :/


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My rugelach used Ina's dough recipe, but I kinda got creative with the filling, using whatever I had on hand. It was very good though. I like now the shaped cookies can be frozen, then I just have to pull them out and bake right before I need them.

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WOW!! You make me feel like a slouch! Just beautiful!


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Most of the cookies we gave out as gifts, so we didn't eat all of them, but still plenty. ;)

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they all look did the Pandoro come out?

I think I am having a babka attack....



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But I am trying again this coming weekend - can't believe I am going through the sweet starter babysitting so soon again!

I posted a seperate thread about my pandoro trouble (short version: dough completely collapsed after adding butter and could not recover), if you have time, do you mind taking a look? Thanks!

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Such great pics of everything!  I want to make the wreath bread...thanks for the inspiration!!

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and chestnut pie, all of them a delight to see. Thanks for sharing, txfarmer, you are a class baker. Ray

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Debra Wink

What a beautiful collection. I'm partial to cookies and desserts, but I really admire your wreaths with pistachios and cranberries too. Nicely done!

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Well, wow! Really.