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How Time Flies

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Debra Wink

How Time Flies

I don't remember joining TFL on Christmas last year, but according to the time clock here, it was that evening. And so, to mark the occasion, naturally, I baked a cake.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making me feel welcome in the community. This is the nicest group of people I've encountered anywhere on the Internet---warm, friendly, supportive and encouraging. Thank you, you've made it a great year!


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Beautiful cake, Merry Christmas, and happy one year anniversary!

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I was how old.. Thank you for all your contributions..some way over my head...I have to actually think!!

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And thanks for your contributions to TFL! 


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It's members like you that make this TFL a wonderful place to learn to make bread and your cake looks very good..even after all the eating I've done today! :)


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and a big thanks for your warm and encouraging welcome to me, and for giving me the courage to make a starter.

I'd always looked at the seemingly long and involved process of preparing a starter in various publications over the years and turned the page. Your pineapple juice science suited me, the method is very easy and the resulting starter excellent. 

Season's Greetings 


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I always enjoy reading your posts.  Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.  Happy anniversary Al

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Happy Anniversary!  And what a gorgeous professional cake!  How about the recipe?


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Pain Partout

Debra... My hat's off to you.  After sporadic (is this a pun?) tries at creating my own sourdough starter..... you offered a way to actually make this work. Your generous input resulted in my only success at capturing "wild" yeasties.  I have been using a "store-bought" Italian Ischia starter for the last several months with much success.  But... it was YOUR very useful posts that renewed my faith in Sourdough.    Thanks...Mucho...for your great information.  Happy New Year...!

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your talent and creativity with us on the TFL.  That cake has a lot of sex appeal; that is, if you can describe a cake that way!

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A belated Merry Christmas to you.  Beautiful cake too! 

Now can you cut a sliver of a piece and pass it through the screen so I can have a taste?


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Debra Wink

warm and welcoming : )   The sentiments are much appreciated---you all are the best!

I couldn't bring myself to cut the cake the other night, because I was already on sugar overload. Half went into the freezer for New Year's, but since we're into crumb shots, I had to come back and add one.

So, who wants cake?

Thanks again to everyone,

P.S.  Here is the recipe I used, except I swapped 5% of the cake flour with dutched cocoa this time to make it a little darker:


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That looks delicious!

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Mini Oven

so good after 3 days?   I know it's not the Wee Beasties at work!  A sure sign of Elves?

Hi Debra,  Happy Holidays to you!


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And there I thought you had been on these forums for much longer.

That is a beautiful cake picture!

Since your post about the lactic/acid sourdough fermentation has resurfaced as best blog post of 2009, I have bookmarked it (as I missed it the first time around) and will make sure to read it very carefully once the holidays are over.

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Debra Wink

I was hoping to get in 12 blog posts, to average one a month. It seems that I fell behind in 2009. But there's always next year....

Thanks again to everyone for the compliments on the cake. Decorating is a lot of fun as long as I don't have to write words (I'm terrible at lettering). Sprinkles and candles are so much easier.

Everyone have a safe and Happy New year!

Best wishes to all,