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Santa loves me

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Santa loves me

I never saw it coming, because it was not something I coveted or spoke about frequently. I have admired it at a distance, but knew what I had was sufficient for what I do, and could never really justify it as an amateur with basic skills. So you can imagine why I got choked up when I peeled the Christmas wrapping paper from the side of the box and saw this...



I was speechless, and my darling bride and three grown children could sense the emotion in my voice, as this was a combined gift from all of them. I give away twice as much bread as we consume, and apparently my family felt that I needed to upgrade to the pro model. I wanted to make sure that the machine worked properly, so I washed everything, put the machine in position and mixed up a formula of French bread. The formula was measured exactly, and therefore cleaned the sides of the bowl with no added ingredients. I watched in awe as the dough hook actually turned over the dough and kneaded it with great efficiency. After 5 minutes on #2 speed, the dough simply required being shaped into a boule for its first rise.

Shaping the dough was done with a bit of haste as our company was arriving, so a quick Epi ring and some baguettes were all I had time to shape before moving into final prep for dinner. Prior to baking I did a quick mixture of egg wash, salt water wash, egg wash with sesame seeds and flour dusting for the Epi wreath and baguette. While I had homemade garlic bread from my Italian bread recipe, everyone was tearing apart the baguettes to clean up the pasta sauce from their plates, following a dinner of Chicken Parmesan, Spaghetti and a salad of mixed greens and Italian dressing. We had 17 people for dinner today, and made good use of my chafer and my extra stove in the basement.

It was truly a surprise Christmas gift that I will share with many people over the years.

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Machine AND breads!

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Today was truly a labor of love. I can hardly wait until we run out of bread again. LOL

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to be well loved! You got me a little teary (I'm an emotional slob, no offense to you) I just just seem to feel people's emotions, you know weddings, listening to Christmas carols, can't watch movies like Ole'Yeller. Enjoy your gift !!


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Lovely.  It looks like you had a very Merry Christmas.

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I even got the new underwear I asked for! It don't get no better thana KitchenAid Pro and 8 new pair of boxers with the elastic that actually holds your drawers up. Life is good...

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Says it right on the box.

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Now THAT is the kind of gift that truly gives back.  Looking at all the results of your baking, I'd say it was a mutual gift ;)

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Use it in good health!


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I have to say that I am impressed!  Lovely breads and wonderful machine.  Congratulations and Merry Christmas!  Al

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You have a wonderful thoughtful family.


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to have a partner and children who pay attention to and embrace your passions, and you are an amazing person for publicly acknowleding your love for them.

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is the unexpected one! I just saw this machine (or very similar) at my brother's yesterday, I really looks professional (but not cheap). Keep sharing the results and have a nice holiday time.


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I had looked at this machine the last time I was in Bed Bath & Beyond (where they bought it), and you could use the 20% off coupon and it has a $50 rebate, which brought it down to $349. It was split between 4 people, so they really got away easy, considering at age 59 I'm not the easiest person to shop for, because I'm not a clothes hound or a gadget guy. I like practical things that last a long time, and usually just buy them for myself when I need them.

This was my son's idea, and at 24 he also enjoys working in the kitchen when he gets home from work. Yes, I am very blessed to have a thoughtful family.

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The thoughtfulness of your family, the unexpectedness of the gift and your joy in receiving and using it, the display of the final results...great story :) . Thank you for sharing!

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Nice Xmas gift!  ENJOY!

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I'm so happy for you and I love your appreciation for the little things in life. Not that your Pro600 is little but your true apprecaition of your famiies love for you. So many folks don't even consider appreciation as part of their daily lives. I try to appreciate every momment of each day. My christmas gift from my 3 chioldren and hubby was my new Viking first stand mixer and I am having a blast! I had gotten away from bread baking because I used to do itall by hand, then raising kids and running to activities took over. But I ma back LOVE THIS FORUM, another thankyou for FLoyd! And I'm baking away.

Keep posting photos I can see your not a novice!

Happy baking