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Mise en Place and bakery

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Mise en Place and bakery

Hi to everyone of the family TFL, anyone involved in bakery or kitchen should know about mise en place (even though is not french speaking) I found somewhere a translation I really liked: "get organized"...for the newbies is having everything measured, chopped, etc in order start a recipe.

Based on the experience of yesterday, I recommend everyone mise en place: I started the 3 days long recipe of the panettone (only sourdough) and already had the first dough

ready to be mixed with candied fruits, more water etc....I made was supposed to be adding 80 ml of water BUT no...I put 240 ml! hopefully none saw my face in the moment I realized the mistake!! anyway, no way to step back, so I decided to add 160 more gr of flour just to compensate, the result almost 6 pounds of dough that will enable me to make 4-5 panettoni (panettone singular, panettoni plural, according to italian grammar...)

And now ladies and gentlemen, the pics:

The first dough ready to be mixed with vanilla, candied fruits etc:

the dough mixed with fruits, nuts etc:

just before baking:

out of the oven:

 the crumb:


and finally, the most important: a genuine Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!



PD: sorry if the quality of the pics is "so so", they were taken with a 2mp cell phone camera and the photographer (me) is better making breads....a pitty you can't smell and taste it!!!


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That's a lovely pannetone and a good reminder about mise en place.

Merry Christmas to you!


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Your Pannetone looks delicious!


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What an amazing looking loaf! Thanks for the note.