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Retarding in banneton?

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Retarding in banneton?

I just got my first banneton and i'm excited to get some nice rings on my bread. I was wondering, though, whether retarding in the fridge overnight will work in the banneton. it seems retarding the dough in a couche and putting it into the banneton later would defeat the purpose of the banneton.

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Just place the banneton in a food-grade plastic bag and close the bag with a tie. 


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I finally picked-up several brotforms; they have really simplified my baking. I no longer use large sections of counter tops covered with floured linens and more rolled up towels to hold the shape of the loaves.

I had to get used to how easily the loaves released, I was used to giving them a 'bit of help' using other proofing containers. The rice flour helps, I'm sure.

BTW - I found that purchasing my rice flour at a local Asian market at $0.99/lb. or less, saves me a couple for dollars per pound over the price I normally pay where I usually shop.

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Yes, you can get so much various stuff at Asian/International markets, and for cheap.