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whole wheat

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whole wheat

This is one of the home milled whole wheat loaves I made this morning, baked in pyrex tube, qahtan 


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I am curious after seeing a few of your pictures.  DO you have a picture?

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will post picture tomorrow

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Mini Oven


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I'm toying with trying milling my own flour after the new year.  Could you share the recipe (I understand you have to adjust for the home milled flour) and do you have a crumb shot?  Thanks :)

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Yeah...I wanna see the tube, too!  It's lovely!

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not the greatest picture but this was the best out of 6. ;-((((

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I knew as soon as I posted this loaf some one would ask me for the recipe...:-)))

 I don't have one/ Sorry. most of my bread I make it up as I go along. this whole wheat I milled 2 cups organic hard wheat berries twice. 

 Put all the flour however much there was there into DLX bowl, added 1 litre warm water, 1  heaped tablespoom soft brown sugar, 2 1/2 teaspoons direct yeast, and 3 cups a/p white flour. 1 teaspoon malt. mixed well added more flour but only enough to give me a very wet sloppy dough, to that I added about 3 ounces soft butter, and 1 1/4 teaspoons fine sea salt., mixed that together.then added enough white a/p  flour to give me a dough that I liked the feel of. soft enough to knead by hand a bit, deffinately not stiff. I kneaded it with the machine a couple minutes then a light knead by hand.. let it double in covered oiled bowl on kitchen counter, about 1 1/2 hours, knocked back, cut and weighed to size I wanted, shaped, oiled tops, again left on kitchen counter to rise, baked at 400 about 1 hour. I didn't use convection because of the glass.




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Wow. How do you load the dough into that thing? Just roll it out into a long cylinder and gently lower it down the tube?

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In case anyone stumbles across a Bake-a-round and needs the manual:

If that web site ever goes away, go to and plug in those URLs.