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DLX - does anyone use the lid for rising?

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DLX - does anyone use the lid for rising?

OK, so I stumbled upon a neglected DLX in a kitchen supply store and was able to spirit it away for something other than my firstborn. I'm starting to get the hang of it now (emphasis on "starting"). Maybe this is a silly question, but is it actually possible to allow my bread to rise in the electrolux just by pulling out the kneading gear, dropping the lid on it and forgetting about it? I heard somewhere that this would tear up the bread when I pull it out - which seems to make sense to me - but it would be pretty convenient if I could get away with this. Would it work for some breads and not others?


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What do you mean by "tear up"?

If it's not a very soft sticky dough, I will take it out and form it roundish, oil the bowl and return it and pop that lid on.

It's a pretty good bowl for rising in the fridge because it is somewhat narrow.

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why would you pop the lid on when the dough is fermenting? this will inhibit it to rise. just put a towel ontop of the container.

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For small batches, the lid works fine. i use it that way for anything of about 3 loaves or less. I don't even bother oiling the bowl, just use a scraper, as Minioven described to remove the dough.



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Mini Oven

but I like to use the mixer bowl for hand mixing and raising my dough.  I have a plastic lid from somewhere that fits the top perfectly without snapping it down too tight.  Works great for an autolyse step.  ...And like previously posted, the bowl is narrow and fits better into the fridge.  It can also be set into a larger bowl of warm water if needed. 

I say try it and see how it works for you.  As long as you're not running production and don't need the bowl right away for something else, go ahead.  Get yourself a nice scraper to clear the dough from the bowl neatly when you do remove it.   Don't let the inverted dough stretch until it removes itself from the sides.


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I use a towel for the autolyse and maybe the rest after the initial mix. After that I routinely use the cover for keeping the draft out while the dough is in the primary ferment. If there is more than4 or 5 Lbs of dough in the mix the top may rise a little as the dough expands but that's OK. A scraper and a little patience work fine for coaxing the dough out onto the counter after fermenting.

Did you get a dough hook with your find? That's the tool I use the most when I use the DLX. I use the roller to break up a preferment in the final dough water and for initial incorporation of the flours. After that the hook is my favorite and most effective method.


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I think I still have a ways to go before I'm as experienced as everyone else here but... can i just say "wow"? I just mixed up my second batch of dough with the DLX and I have NEVER handled dough like this after years of kitchen aids and the like. Ok, maybe when I was hand kneading .. but something tells me not even then. It's incredible. I hope the final product is as good! 

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ok i've seen ovenspring like this ... it's like i used twice as much yeast. yikes! I really see what everyone was talking about now.